3 DLC Packs Announced and Detailed for Battlefield 3

Electronic Arts and Dice have just announced three new expansion packs or DLC coming to Battlefield 3 this year! If these expansion packs are anything like the Battlefield 2 expansion packs, we will be in for a ton of fun, and empty wallets.

The first of the DLC is called Close Quarters. This DLC will include four brand new maps and ten new weapons. These maps are themed on close quarters battles so prepare for shotguns a plenty. These will be strictly infantry maps set inside of buildings. Close quarters is expected to arrive in June.

The second is Armored Kill, arriving this fall it’s said to include the largest map that the battlefield series has ever seen. Armored kill will introduce a few new vehicles like┬ánew tanks, ATV’s, and even mobile artillery.

And the last one coming late this year is the final expansion pack called End Game. No information was released about End Game, but if the other two are any indication; it’s going to be awesome.

Also coming in an extremely anticipated spring update is a fully integrated “Rent-a-server” program for console players.


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