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New England Gamer is the only New England based video gaming website that provides not only New England, but everyone around the globe with the latest news, previews, and reviews all with a unique New England Spin. It is our goal to provide everyone from the die hard gamers to the casual players with the news they need to stay well informed on the video gaming industry.

With a full staff of writers we want to let everyone know that New England is deep rooted in the video gaming industry and that we are the ones who deserve your attention when it comes to anything video game related.

We aren’t going to cover every piece of news out there because it’s not our style, we pick and choose the best and most interesting news from around the net and provide you with the best unique articles with our insight.

  • SlapHappyJones

    I found your site this weekend via n4g.com. What makes your site different than the hundreds of other gaming sites that basically regurgitate the current news and re-post it?

    Why should I continue to come back to newenglandgamer.com?

    • Limit760

      Well, SlapHappyJones. First of all thanks for coming and taking the time to ask this question. I’m surprised actually how little we get this question.

      First of all, I believe what makes us unique is how we go about choosing the content and how the content is written. If you’ve never been to New England, I recommend it. It’s a whole ‘nother world up here. It’s different from any other place in the United States. We have a different mindset and put emphasis on different things than everyone else does. From popular media, every seems to think of us as uneducated hicks which is absolutely false. We are unique. We are a tight knit community that believes in standing up for and supporting one another.

      You may notice that we don’t cover everything that these hundreds of other gaming sites that regurgitate the current news, although it is true we do cover some of the latest news because we know people do want to read about it. Of course we are going to cover the releases of the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 and things of that nature. But we choose news articles and write about them because they affect or interest us in some way.

      Sure, we could shut all news out and only post things about New England, but that would shut out all of the readers across North America and the world who love to read about video games and who are we to deny them that? We want to be accessible to everyone out there while making sure to give that connection, or tip of the hat, to those who live in New England.

      So in short, Yes we cover news articles much like other websites, but our created content has a deeper connection and aim towards the great people of New England, while also appealing to the rest of the world.


      -Dan Farrell

      Editor/ Public Relations Manager | New England Gamer

      • SlapHappyJones