An Undead Preview: State of Decay

Zombies. You may roll your eyes at the very sound of them at this point. You may get excited. To me, only few things have come forward in the last decade and done them well. The first is the Zack Snyder remake of Dawn of the Dead. The other is anything that involves a little franchise called The Walking Dead.

Zombie games seem to be this generation’s World War II game. In my opinion, that was until Telltale came along and set things right. I mean, hell, the Telltale game changed everything whether you want to believe it or not. How? All they did was tell a terribly heartbreaking story and set it during a zombie apocalypse. After all, the apocalypse is not as cool as people think it would be. It seems the dumb question of, “What would you do during a zombie apocalypse?” comes up way too often. People are ALWAYS ready to tell you their plan and where they would go although it is impossible because it would never happen and seem generally excited about it too. But why do they? I think it’s the aspect of building a base and trying to gather supplies to survive. You know why it sounds like fun? Because it hasn’t happened yet. However, there’s this little company called Undead Labs trying to satisfy your craving for….surviving. And I’ll be damned if this isn’t a game that is going to change the way we look at zombie games.

After enough to cover a preview, State of Decay is the zombie game. This is the one all of us (myself included) have always wanted. You survive while scavenging for supplies in a world where markets are empty and things are scarce. While scavenging, you need to build a base strong enough to defend against zombies. Along the way, you’ll find survivors and bring them back to your base. Here’s where all kinds of options come in. Do you build a base that will allow you to pump out guns and only bring back strong survivors? Do you build one focused on medical and stack survivors to defend by sheer number of people? You can drive, you build a base, and you keep on looking for supplies to bring back. If any of you wanted to see how “cool” it would be trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, here is your simulator.


While the game cut co-op in order to focus on better AI and features (a smart move), co-op has more than been talked about. It’s something people hope will be patched in or eventually, a new MMO-type game.

A feature I am very excited about heading into this game is the main quest storyline. These quests will ultimately alter the game, although not said how. Side quests will be generated based on YOUR ACTIONS to keep the player engaged. The map for this game is also unbelievably enormous. I could see myself (a hardcore Bethesda RPG  fan) getting really sucked into this world as I search through every tent or house, barricading the windows as I rummage for supplies.

Check back soon for my full review.

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