AUN’s Campaign to Get a Bruin on the Cover of NHL ’13

Alright listen. We all know what happened with NHL ’12. It should’ve been Tim Thomas, no doubt about it. Sure, Stamkos has about 7,000 goals this season and that’s cool and all. But Tim Thomas won us the Stanley Cup after 39 years of kicking rocks. It was a straight robbery for Bruins fans everywhere. I can’t even recall (if ever) the last time a Bruin was on the cover. This year, things are different. EA Sports is letting the people choose who will grace the cover of NHL ’13. This is different than Madden. There is no NHL curse. If anything, it lets you perform like the greatest player who ever lived the following year. Just look at Stamkos. The curse is strictly with Madden, and frankly if you’ve been voting for Gronkowski to be on the cover of Madden then you clearly aren’t a Pats fan.

In one corner it’s none other than our goalie of the future, the most dangerously insane man in the NHL: Tuukka Rask. Tuuk Nuukem in the flesh. Can you think of anything more heroic and proud if we managed to get our future on the cover? What that says about us? Hell, even Tuukka would really see how much we all think he’s the fucking man and he’d stay forever. Tuukka personally gets my vote, but there’s one other.

Tyler Seguin. The kid who won it all in his first season. Played three game sevens and won a Stanley Cup in his first freakin’ year. Is there even a point after that? Oh yeah, continue to be absolutely disgusting. Kid is a year younger than me and just tearing up the NHL. He’s our other future and I think it’d also be pretty rad for him to garnish the cover of every copy in America.

Do you all understand how fucking hilarious and amazing it would be to just have to see a Bruin on every single copy in our rival cities? Oh sorry, Montreal/Vancouver/Philly etc., you’re going to need to stare at the team that annihilated you and became champions if you want to buy a copy. I smell another riot already. Please, New England. This is our destiny. This is our time to stand up and show the world that we are the true champions that we are. This is the ultimate cherry on top of the Stanley Cup sundae and it’s ours for the taking.


We could even end up with something like this.

Not to mention for every vote (up to 10 votes a day) you get entered to win a trip to Las Vegas. How could you even not? Let’s stuff those ballots IMMEDIATELY! AUN.

About The Author: Brett

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