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One of the most important pieces of equipment any PC user will need is a monitor, and to your surprise there’s actually a huge difference between the ones packaged in with your Dell’s and HP’s compared to ones by companies like BenQ. You might ask yourself, “but what’s the difference?” Well, you’ve come to the right place because I’m going to tell you all about the new BenQ RL2460HT.

So any monitor is alright for the typical web browsing and emailing purposes, but what if you do some gaming? How about a lot of gaming? Well look no further, BenQ has you covered. Just like a new HDTV there’s some specs you’ve got to look at when you’re comparing monitors, but it’s not just whether or not the panel is 1080P, you’ve got to look at response times, refresh rates, the panel type, and yes of course the resolution.

The BenQ RL2460HT comes in at a wonderful size for gaming, 24” and features a 60Hz TN panel, which is standard for your entry level gaming monitors. The all-important resolution is the standard at 1920 x 1080. And of course like most monitors you’ve got the LED Backlight to keep the lighting consistent throughout the entirety of the picture.

Screen Size24"W
Aspect Ratio16:9
Dynamic Contrast Ratio12M:1
Panel TypeTN
Response Time1ms GTG
Display Colors16.7million
InputD-sub/ DVI-DL(Dual Link)/ HDMI In x 2/ Headphones Jack
Viewing Angle170°/160°
Special FeaturesHDMI Output/ Senseye 3/ Swivel (45° Left /45° Right)/ Height Adjustment (110 mm)

Like most gamers, we’re interested in the components that go into the computer and focus less on the peripherals. This usually means we skimp on the monitor because the majority of the money is spent on making the computer perform better. This is where BenQ helps you out a little bit, the RL2460HT comes in at $229.99 from retailers such as Amazon and Newegg.  But with this affordability comes the exclusion of some features that higher end users would miss. One of the first features to go was a 120 Hz panel, this was a little sad to see on an otherwise great monitor. But even without the 120 Hz, BenQ was still able to create a crystal clear lag free picture with an incredible 1ms response time and a dynamic contrast ratio of 12M:1 native.

Now I’m not too sure about how much you mess with your monitor’s settings, but if you’re like me, you haven’t touched them. Well, that’s about to change. BenQ has worked with a few professional gamers to make sure that there are built in settings that the pros actually use. With the help of JWong the fighting game pro, Moho the Call of Duty pro, Grubby the StarCraft 2 pro, and Fear the Dota pro there are modes for each type of game you might want to play. Out of the box there are nine predefined modes that include your standard mode, movie, photo, sRGB, Eco, RTS 1, RTS 2, Fighting, and FPS. Along with these there are three presets titled Gamer 1-3 that allow you to fiddle with the settings and save them to their own presets that can be quickly accessed by just a few button presses.

Speaking about these buttons, the BenQ monitors came up with a great idea where the on screen display that  what you’re changing lines up perfectly with the buttons you’ll be pressing, so there’s no guessing on which button performs what function.

There are some other key features that can be accessed from within the On Screen Display, including Blur Reduction, and Low Blue Light.

This Low Blue light mode essentially eases the strain on your eyes and actually natively performs the same function as those Gunnar glasses that I dislike so much.

Also native to these BenQ monitors is the ZeroFlicker technology that changes the way screen is lit to make sure there is absolutely no flickering. Standard monitors can flicker light up to a few thousand times per second and after hours of use, this can become noticeable.

So like I had talked about before, to keep the costs down BenQ has skimped a little bit on the LEDs that it uses for the backlighting. More monitors are starting to use the W-LED technology or the even newer GBr-LED technology. And because of this the color fidelity isn’t exactly up to snuff for higher end users.

The RL2460HT sports some other great features that have been absent from the standard monitors, like the ability to swivel left and right, this is perfect for when you’ve want to access the back of the monitor, or for when you’re showing someone what’s on your screen. It also features up to 4.3 inches of adjustable height, and even allows you to turn the monitor into portrait mode, you’ve probably seen these where people use three of them to create the extra tall image for gaming.

Now for what makes this monitor different from all the other ones, the inputs. Like most monitors you’ll find a single VGA and DVI connector, but that’s where the RL2460HT differentiates itself. This monitor supports two HDMI inputs AND an HDMI output. Yep, you read that correctly an HDMI output. You might be wondering “But why in the world would I need that?” Well, check this out. Let’s say that you’re creating some “Let’s Play” videos for your very successful YouTube series. You’ve been experiencing a little input delay while you play and you’ve just been dealing with it. Wouldn’t it be great if there wasn’t any input lag? The answer is yes, and that’s exactly what the RL2460HT does, instead of being another device between your PC/Console and your monitor you avoid any input lag and it captures everything without any interruptions.

A monitor is also one of those things that’s going to sit on your desk for anyone to see, so it’s not uncommon to look for a particular styling on a monitor. The RL2460HT is very aesthetically pleasing. It’s got a great stand that provides full height adjustment, tilt, and even the aforementioned portrait function. It has a very small footprint in comparison to other monitors without sacrificing stability. And typical of most monitors it comes in the matte black plastic finish.  The back of the monitor doesn’t look bulky and has similar styling to some more modern televisions.

During the entirety of this review I used the BenQ RL2460HT alongside my second monitor; the Dell S2409W and the difference between the two are huge. While both displays are 24” the BenQ performed much better on both console gaming as well as PC gaming. The Dell is an overall dimly lit monitor which made the BenQ “pop” quite a bit. The color and picture were actually clearer than Dell as well.

The BenQ RL2460HT is a gaming monitor aimed at a lower price point to capture the attention of the entry level PC and console gamers. With the help of professional gamers there are specific modes in the menus for every type of game. While the RL2460HT does not have the highest end technologies, the pricing reflects this and there are really no discernible differences while gaming. It provides a wonderfully bright vivid picture with no input lag and features a slew of inputs and an HDMI output that aren’t found on most monitors within it’s price range. The BenQ RL2460HT is a wonderful monitor that will give you a great picture to support all your gaming needs.


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The BenQ 2460HT was reviewed using a review unit provided by BenQ.

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