Best Buy ad sales 7/3-7/9

OH MAN! it’s coming, Best Buy is going to be running a sale this week starting on the 3rd and ending on the 9th that involves some major titles that you need to go get if you have not already. I’ve gone ahead and bolded the ones you need to go get.

Titles for $9.99
Shaun White Skateboarding (PS3/360)
Michael Jackson: The Experience (DS)
Def Jam Rapstar (PS3/360)
Fallout: New Vegas (PS3/ 360)
Titles for $19.99
Dead Rising 2 (PS3/360)
Epic Mickey (Wii)
Metroid: Other M (Wii)
NHL Slapshot bundle (Wii)

$29.99 notable titles
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (PS3/360)
Castlevania: Lord of Shadows (PS3/360)
Blood Stone 007 (PS3/360)

$39.99 notable titles
Homefront (PS3/360)
WWE All-stars (PS3/360)
Mortal Kombat (PS3/360)

$50 gift card with the purchase of the 4gb Kinect adventures bundle.

Buy 1 advertised Kinect game get the 2nd free (titles listed below):
Dance Central (360)- $39.99 (sale)
Kinect Sports (360)- $39.99 (sale)
Body and Brain Connection (360)- $39.99 (sale)
Deca Sports Freedom (360)- $39.99 (sale)
Child of Eden (360)
Michael Jackson: The Experience (360)
Your Shape Fitness Evolved (360)
Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do (360)
Wipeout In the Zone (360)
Zumba Fitness Party (360)
Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout (360)
Motionsports (360)

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