Bethesda Announces a Price Increase for Fallout 4 Season Pass

Bethesda can safely say that Fallout 4 won the award for most anticipated title of 2015, with its ridiculous sales numbers and numerous commercials on prime time television, I even had non video game playing people asking me what Fallout 4 was all about. As a result all of them are still playing Fallout 4, I haven’t seen them in months, send help.

Just like most other games, there was DLC planned from the beginning and as a result Bethesda released a season pass which gets you all of that DLC for $30. Bethesda is good like that, they’re all about supporting the community well after the release of their games. Just like they did with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 3. Two games that are already ridiculous time sinks received plenty of downloadable content after the fact. Well, Fallout 4 is getting just a bit more DLC than they had anticipated in the form of three more announced items.

Automatron is launching in March of 2016 and will cost $9.99 and adds robot enemies to fight all over Massachusetts. But that’s not all, when you defeat these robots you can craft custom robotic companions from their carcasses!


Wasteland workshop which launches in April of 2016 costs $4.99 and allows you to add on to your settlement by adding a ton of new options and items to create. Things like traps that even allow you to capture creatures like Deathclaws.


And Far Harbor which will be launching in May for a whopping $24.99 which takes place off the coast of Maine (New England represent!) to see about some synths. According to Bethesda, Far Harbor is the largest DLC that they have worked on and will include brand new areas, settlements, quests, dungeons, and creatures to fight!


And with this comes the announcement of the price increase of the season pass from $30 to $50. Now, Bethesda has never let us down before (Let’s not talk about horse armor) and I don’t believe they’re going to let us down now.

So here’s the deal, If you already own the season pass for Fallout 4, you’re good! You get all of the upcoming DLC at no additional cost.

If you don’t own the season pass for Fallout 4, you’re also still good! you have until March 1st to get the season pass at $30. Though, after that you’ll have to pay the full $50. Is it worth it? Have you played any of the DLC for Fallout 3? Then I think you have your answer.

The announcement didn’t go exactly as planned, there are a vocal minority who are angry about this, but then again, there always are. But they’re giving you time to get everything at the original price and that’s pretty cool of them.

Point being, if you like Fallout 4 and want more content, buy that season pass now before it jumps up to $50.

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