Bethesda Announces First Ever E3 Press Conference

Yes, you read that title correctly; Bethesda Softworks will be holding their first ever Press Conference at the 2015 Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3). The event will be taking place in Hollywood, California on June 14th. While the event will be running from June 16th – 18th. Bethesda has promised that it will deliver some more details in the coming months for how fans will be able to register to attend the press conference. There is however one consolation for those who will not be able to attend, they will be live streaming the event on Twitch.TV here: Bethesda Twitch Channel.

Bethesda has some currently announced titles coming including the next DOOM game, updates and console versions of The Elder Scrolls Online, BattleCry, and maybe just maybe a Fallout 4 announcement? We can hope can’t we?

Either way, this is great news to have a new press conference to watch.

For more information as well as the announcement for when seats will become available visit the official Bethesda blog.

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