Bethesda’s new game Dishonored revealed

Coming on the cover of this August’s Game Informer is a brand new game called Dishonored from Bethesda. Dishonored is a first person steathy action adventure game.

Bethesda is known for picking games up and showing the world what smaller developers can do and they’ve thrown all tons of talent at this one, Harvey smith, the guy behind the first two Deus Ex games. Viktor Antonov the guy who designed Half-Life 2‘s City 17. So we know the game is going to look awesome, but what is it about? Well, the game is about assassination, but the sort of assassination where you dont even have to kill anyone, its about sneaking in and setting up traps, so it’s not a kick in the doors guns blazing kind of game. It’s specifically about brutal violence without anyone knowing whose done it. Sneaking in and out of the most fortified places.

All of your choices are based upon your actions, and we’re not talking about conversation trees ala the Mass Effect series. ¬†For more, make sure to take a look at August’s edition of Game Informer.


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