BF3 Open Beta is September 29th

Do you want to get in on some of that hot, steamy Battlefield 3 multiplayer early? Well you need to play the beta. Today, EA announced the beta will be open to well, everyone. The map will be Operation Metro, a sort of underground-ish destroyed subway tunnel-but not always underground map, putting two teams against each other in rush mode. Now there’s a few perks for those who have done other things with EA. For example, if you pre order it for PC you get into the beta (for PC) on Septembe 27th. Same thing goes for console gamers who bought a copy of Medal of Honor, just like they promised. For the rest of you, how do you get into it exactly? Well, on PC, simple download it through Origin, and on consoles, they’ll be a download client right on your system. All is well with the world. You’ve got nine days to wait. AUN.

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