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By Guest On 11 Dec, 2014 At 11:09 AM | Categorized As Everything Else, Gaming News, Mobile | With 0 Comments

October wasn’t a good month for fans of Star Wars: Assault Team. Instead of improving the game, Disney force choked Assault Team and removed it permanently from iTunes and Google Play. Just imagine the anger of gamers who purchased in-app items from the game with real money. What on Earth happened? Why was the game […]

By Will Philbrook On 2 Dec, 2014 At 12:43 PM | Categorized As Everything Else, Gaming News, PC | With 0 Comments

With the recent media blitz surrounding EVE Online, I decided I would give it a shot. I’ve never really been a fan of MMOs, but with an undying love for spaceships and a free 21-day trial, I had to at least give it a shot. This article is going to outline my first few hours […]

By Matt Jones On 14 Oct, 2014 At 09:57 PM | Categorized As Everything Else, Gaming News | With 0 Comments

As you may have already heard, the hit video game series Dead Rising is being made into a full-length movie! Everyone knows that zombies are the biggest pop culture craze out there right now, and with popular zombie TV shows becoming video games (The Walking Dead), the natural next step is to try to bridge that gap from the other side.

By John "jaQ" Andrews On 10 Oct, 2014 At 09:36 AM | Categorized As Everything Else, Gaming News, PC | With 1 Comment

I’ll admit right away that I’m not a huge gamer. If I were, it might have taken me less than a year and a half to notice that my Steam account had been hijacked.

By Brett On 2 Oct, 2014 At 08:32 PM | Categorized As Everything Else, Gaming News | With 0 Comments

Between 1997’s The Lost World Jurassic Park, 2001’s Jurassic Park III, the merchandising opportunities that came with it, and games that were both part of the franchise and ones that happened to include dinosaurs, I didn’t stand a chance of falling in love with anything else. It certainly seemed like with dinosaur movies came dinosaur games. For myself, it was a renaissance.

By Brett On 19 May, 2014 At 01:56 PM | Categorized As Everything Else, Gaming News, PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, Videos | With 0 Comments

Local dudes Harmonix are passionate about two things: music and games. Between the success of the original Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dance Central, and new titles such as Chroma and Fantasia: Music Evolved on the horizon, it’s fair to say anything they touch is an instant hit. Back in the day (for all you young people out there), Harmonix made quite […]

By Dan Courtney On 21 Jan, 2014 At 04:30 PM | Categorized As Everything Else, Gaming News | With 0 Comments

Since we are in the midst of a new video game drought, I thought I’d try my best to convince our readers to play one of my favorite games of all time: Dark Souls. I resisted playing it for a long time, until a friend of mine gifted it to me on Steam. At that […]

By Dan On 15 Jan, 2014 At 06:37 PM | Categorized As Everything Else, Gaming News, PC, Videos | With 0 Comments
catlateral damage title

Just outside of Boston, in Arlington Massachusetts lives an up and coming game developer Chris Chung who looks to make players see things through the eyes of a crazy house cat with his newest game, Catlateral Damage. Catlateral Damage is a first person cat simulator where your goal is to knock as many items in the […]

By Brett On 9 Jan, 2014 At 03:36 PM | Categorized As Everything Else, Gaming News | With 1 Comment

Call of Duty is still…okay, it’s not great but don’t get me wrong I’ll still play it. I have to say it’s strange to see how popular Call of Duty got. I have fond memories of playing Call of Duty 2 on the Carentan map stringing together huge win streaks. I remember the legendary single […]

By Ashley On 5 Jan, 2014 At 06:01 PM | Categorized As Everything Else | With 0 Comments

Video games with storylines can be enchanting, and if developers do it right players are literally pulled into the game’s world and story. I’m talking, like, The Elder Scrolls or The Last Of Us type of storylines. Up until recently, I (in the most naive of manners) didn’t truly give games without a storyline the chance to […]