CoD MW3’s New Trailer Is Pretty Great

I’ll give it to Activision, or at least Infinity Ward. They know how to make a hell of a campaign. Sure, the multiplayer is the new dominant game for frat boys around the world, but the campaign is for actual gamers. Some people don’t even play CoD’s campaigns. Those people are jokes. “Let’s hop right in the same shit we were playing yesterday yeah!” Missing some of the greatest cinematic elements ever put into a game is a sin. Sure, the gameplay is familiar, but the campaigns are great. This new trailer proves it. MW3’s campaign will be awesome. Just like every other CoD. In my opinion, the campaign is the only trace the CoD series has left of being remotely similar to its original goal. Look at Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2,¬†two of the best campaigns ever. Black Ops had the absolute best one, in my opinion. Hopefully MW3 can top it.


About The Author: Brett

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