Dark Souls II Beta Sign Ups Announced for PS3

Today, Namco Bandai opened beta sign ups for Dark Souls II on the PS3. The beta is set to be opened on October 12 in North America and Europe, a week later than expected. A second round for the beta is set for October 27.


Never heard of Dark Souls? Well, now you have. Enjoy this announcement trailer, thank me (just kidding), and then find out how to sign up for the beta below.


Cool, right? Dark Souls II is the successor of Demon Souls and Dark Souls, two very challenging games that give gamers an incredible feeling of satisfaction upon completion. I literally applauded and cheered when I  beat a boss.

The beta is also fairly easy to sign up for. ¬†Unlike the ESO beta, there is no application to fill out- you simply need to download a registration ticket from the PSN website or download it from the PlayStation store under the ‘Latest Releases’ tab in the ‘Games’ section.

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