Dark Souls II Releasing on PC April 25th

Almost a month past its console counterpart; Dark Souls II will be released on PC tomorrow, April 25th. Unlike the console version, the Steam release will allow gamers to play up to a 60 frames-per-second hard cap with higher quality textures and lighting. With the PC launch comes the capability to alter texture, shadow, and effects quality along with a slew of minor options such as water surface quality and depth of field. Even with some previous controversy on the graphic controversy, the game is looking to be visually stunning.


Despite the game’s delayed launch, reviews for the console version have so far been spectacular. Dark Souls 2 has already garnered six “9/10” scores from major reviewers, with a MetaCritic score of 92%. New England Gamer’s own Ashley gave the sequel a 90/100 in a recent review. The game is available for pre-purchase on Steam currently for $49.99, which includes access to a digital art book, soundtrack, and other early adopter goodies.

About The Author: Will Philbrook