Destiny’s New Patch is Live

The next patch for Bungie’s “shared-world shooter,” Destiny, is finally upon us after nearly a month without an update. The announcement of the arrival of the 1.1.1 patch came shortly after Bungie’s planned 2 hour server maintenance on Tuesday and is featuring several long overdue and long awaited fixes and weapon tweaks. Most notably, the patch will fix the notorious “heavy ammo glitch” which would spawn(or respawn) players with less heavy ammo than it should. This glitch is caused by the game’s mechanics which spawn the player’s weapon and then applying ammo modifiers(which allow the player to carry more ammo than normal) on armor the player is wearing which causes a loss of a significant amount of ammo. Heavy ammo can be difficult to come by without a heavy ammo synthesis so this fix is a welcome addition to Destiny. Also coming with patch 1.1.1 is a much needed tweak to nerf certain weapon types and and buffing pulse rifle damage.

Not all things in the patch have been received well by the fans, however. Also being added to the newest update is the addition of matchmaking for weekly heroic strike missions. On one hand, you can now play with a full fireteam without worrying about having friends on to play with you. On the other hand, matchmaking is manditory, which means players can’t challenge themselves by trying to take on the weekly strike solo. And though some would agree that the “more the merrier,” the lack of an optional matchmaking system is a step backwards.

Matchmaking aside, this new patch is certainly a step in the right direction. Now if Bungie would take care of the Crota’s End raid glitches like the Swordbearer’s disappearing sword or Crota’s instant shield refresh instead of fixing cheeses(exploits) that should be thrown on the backburner, that would be greeeeat.


Destiny’s new patch is out now and is ready for your enjoyment. If you’d like, you can read the patch notes here.

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