Destiny’s Newest Easter Egg is Nightmare Fuel

Bungie is known best for it’s spot-on shooters and their interesting easter eggs hidden within them. From the Food Nipple(teehee) Grunt in Halo 1 (and Halo 3) to hidden areas with secret messages(Hi Ben!) to dialog changes based off of level difficulty. They put a lot of work into these hidden gems. Some are shout outs to family and friends. Some are comical. Some are just downright weird. And some, like this one, are just plain creepy.

Here’s a bit of backstory if you’re unfamiliar with Destiny’s inner workings.  In an area within the Earth level in Destiny, there is a cave which use to spawn wave after wave of enemies every few seconds. This cave quickly, and infamously became known as the Loot Cave. High level players would stand outside and fire blindly into the cave, killing hundreds of enemies in hopes of finding good loot. Every so often an enemy would drop a green, blue, or purple item used to obtain loot with. This became a very popular stop to farm loot until Bungie patched the enemy respawn times to be much higher than they were pre-patch which effectly killed loot farming in this area. But at the time, almost every player was farming or at least visited the cave once. I would wager that players had killed roughly a few million enemies in the cave for the sole purpose of obtaining good gear.

As of Tuesday, Bungie released a new patch for Destiny which nerfed some thing and fixed a few glitches. What Bungie didn’t list in their patch notes, however, was a brand new easter egg they planted in the infamous Loot Cave.

Players that visit the cave will notice a pile of body parts huddled together at the opening of the cave. Upon closer inspection, the player will be given a prompt to “Disturb the Remains” by hold the X(Xbox) or Square(PS) buttons. Once the remains have been disturbed, you will hear a faint(and eerie) voice which is difficult to make out. It then repeats itself, getting loud enough to make out. “A million deaths are not enough for Master Rahool,” the voice says, piercing your eardrum with a ghastly whisper. You can check out a video of it right here.

The only thing being disturbed here is me…

So now the Loot Cave is a haunted graveyard of sorts and I personally want no part in that. Perhaps this is Bungie’s way of telling players to take their avarice elsewhere. Yes, maybe a commentary… Were all those deaths worth it? Did those countless millions really need to die so that I could get cool stuff? My Exotic Assault Rifle seems to think so.

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