Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun DLC Review

If you look all the way back to June 25th of 2011 you would see my review of Dungeon Siege III, and we’ve just been able to review the DLC “Treasures of the Sun” Is this DLC worth your hard earned money?  Let’s find out.

Treasures of the Sun is a piece of Downloadable Content for one of my favorite games of 2011, Dungeon Siege III. This DLC adds roughly 4 more hours of playtime. For those of us who have beaten the main story and remember the main story, the game ends and you cannot continue your character. But the guys over at Obsidian Entertainment have done something interesting, when you start the game again you will be prompted if you would like to play the DLC you can continue from the Grand Chapterhouse and if you don’t have a save there, you can just load one of theirs called “Endgame Autosave” This transports you to the Causeway Hub.  Once you start this you go up to the book with a blue question mark over it, hit right bumper and you’ll be on your way to the DLC. For those who haven’t completed the game you aren’t left out, you can just go to the Grand Chapterhouse in Stonebridge then talk to Oswalt who will be waiting for you in the entrance hall.

The name of the DLC tells you that you’ll be going to find some treasures and you’re going to be in a desert. Some stuff to know right off the bat is that, the level cap is raised to 35. This allows you to fill out your talents and skills. You can also Respec, which is something that gives you all your points back and allows you to set them as you wish, for a mere 20,000 gold. Treasures also introduces a new enchanting system. Gems now drop off of bosses and enemies around the new desert and dungeons and from transmuting items. You can use these new gems to increase stats on the items you are using. These can be minor or major gems and raise a particular stat 5 or 25 points respectively. The enchanting also costs money, and uses the gem in the process.

Treasures also adds a new type of ability, Ultimate Abilities. You will encounter three stones throughout this game that allows you to unlock one ultimate ability at a time. The three are a healing ability, an AOE explosion ability, and a shielding ability. These are especially helpful during the boss battles you’ll encounter later, so don’t forget to pick one.

Like I said earlier, Treasures of the Sun adds roughly 4 hours of gameplay. The DLC adds more of a challenge with some really difficult bosses and brand new enemies. The desert is a nice change from the dark and dreary jungles and swamps from the main game. It was really a great experience playing through this DLC; I hope it gets more people to play it because Dungeon Siege III was a really good game that not many people played.

For only $10, 4 hours of gameplay is completely worth it. So if you enjoyed the main story and want more, then Treasures of the Sun is a no brainer.


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