EA vs Homophobes. Ugh.

Here we have it, folks. The recently crowned “Worst Company In America” (beating out Bank of America for #1) vs one of the only other groups of people who are as morally bankrupt as themselves… the homophobes!

As we’ve seen multiple times before in the past few years in series such as Mass Effect, Dragon’s Age and even in one of most popular games of all time in Skyrim same-sex romance has become generally accepted in the gaming community. It hasn’t seemed to bother many people which is great. Way to go, America! We’re finally hoping off our high horses and accepting eachother! Well, most of us. Some of us still want to ride their high horse through the hopes and dreams of others while shouting their irrational, ill-thought out point of view.

Recently, GamesIndustry has reported that Electronic Arts has been slammed with thousands of letters over their addition of same-sex romance in their game Star Wars: The Old Republic claiming their cause to be based off of “family values”. These letters scold EA saying they were pressured into adding LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) content which, somehow, can corrupt their precious, soft, impressionable minds! Which makes sense, because clearly it’s all based off what you see. Send your kid into a Men’s locker room after the gym? Nope. Lost him. Forever forced to live a life they were imposed into… by Star Wars. PRETTY sure that’s not how “the force” works, but, tragic nonetheless.

Seriously, some of these are ridiculous. One example letter as seen on Kotaku reads this:

“The overwhelming number of players on Star Wars games is children who do not need to be forced as a captured audience to participate in homosexual content.

We ask that you please adhere to your long term policy of omitting and steering clear of this type of advocacy representation in your games.

Please do not include LGBT content in Star Wars video games that will impact so many children.

           Thank you. Remember Sodom.” – GamesIndustry.biz

Really? Okay, here’s my first issue. Well, second. Problem number one would be that these are awful people. So I guess my second problem is how the hell is your little kid on a Teen rated game anyway unless you’re an irresponsible parent? You know what? I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say your kid is actually one of the three (being generous here) kids that is 13 years old and they bought it themselves with their Birthday cash. Argument invalid, right? No. That game costs $15 a month. That’s 180 clams a year and you still had NO idea what your kid was getting? Terrible person: check. Terrible parent: check.

That’s not even the best part. The big one is that studies have shown that over the past decade or so the average MMORPG player is mid-20’s and on top of that somewhere around 75% (yes, it’s THAT high) are over 18 years of age. These games are designed for people who can have a credit card or at least a car to drive to a store and get a time card. Nobody has ever marketed this to children. If I see that pink haired chick from Lazytown on the new SW:TOR commercial I’ll conceit to this nonsensical notion that this game is even slightly advertised for a child. If your kid has the game and can’t handle any same-sex content then your kid is an asshole. And you’re an asshole for raising him/her to be that way.

EA,  it’s only been days since you were voted the worst company in America. Bioware has a long standing policy on LGBT content and isn’t going to budge and they’ve gotten much praise for it. This is your chance to immediately make a huge impact on turning that around. . Raise from the ashes and be reborn anew like a God damn phoenix!


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