The Evolve Alpha Is Coming October 31st  (0.0)

There is some exciting news surrounding Turtle Rock Studios’ next big title, Evolve!  Much like Bungie’s Beta access opportunity, which worked as a great incentive to pre-order Destiny, 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have decided to follow suit and allow Alpha access to gamers.  The Alpha “testing” period is set to start on October 31st, 2014, and end on the 2nd of November.  The Beta Access period for Destiny seemed to work as a great marketing strategy, and the developers of Evolve are undoubtedly hoping for the same effect on gamers.

Evolve is an asymmetrical-shooter that focuses on both competitive and cooperative play.  Four player-controlled hunters are teamed up to take down one, incredibly powerful, alien monstrosity who is controlled by a fifth player.  Each hunter has specific sets of skills that come in handy when facing off with the beast.  It is a basic class system where you have healer, assault, support, and trapper classes to choose from, all designed to work in harmony with one another in order to accomplish the goal, kill the monster.  The monster has it’s own set of abilities and skills that improve as you level up within the match.  There is also NPC wildlife running around on the map, which serves as a means of “evolving” the monster into its more powerful forms.  Monster eats animals, monster becomes stronger monster.  Pretty simple, right?

The early access promotion is a Closed-Alpha, meaning it won’t be available to just anyone.  There are two ways to get in, one way is to pre-order the game and receive your access code (just like how Destiny’s Beta program was initially launched, before becoming available to anyone on the Xbox Store and Playstation Marketplace).  The second is to get an access code, as well as a referral code, and redeem them on the official Evolve webpage.  While this doesn’t guarantee a spot in the Alpha, it’s better than nothing.  Using the codes also saves you some money if you end up not liking the game, and deciding not to buy it when it comes out on February 10th 2015.  Now before you ask, “How do I get these codes?!”


Access Code: 63334-59648-17396  

Referral Code: PlayStation4v1

 Xbox One:

Access Code: 44549-09164-02289

Referral Code: XBOX4VONE

Evolve Redemption Webpage:

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