“Fallout: Shadow of Boston” Trademarked By Bethesda (UPDATED)


It seems as though there might finally be some news about the next chapter of Fallout. Found by users on NeoGAF, it seems as Bethesda has trademarked “Fallout: Shadow of Boston” about a week and a half ago. You can view the German trademark made by Bethesda, which covers video games and TV shows here.

While it’s not a secret that Bethesda is working on a new Fallout title, it’s interesting to finally see at least a small detail of it come to light. Rumored all the way back in 2012, Bethesda employees allegedly flew to Boston and MIT to scope out the area. In 2013, Kotaku revealed very real documents for voice casting that indeed confirmed the game was real and set in Boston.

Last year, an elaborate prank known as “Survivor 2299” created an elaborate ARG that disappointingly turned out to be a hoax. While it surprised pretty much everybody that the next chapter was not revealed at E3, Geoff Keighley tweeted about a month ago that he was preparing for a large event in December. It’s the assumption this is the Video Game Awards (lest we try to forgot about the VGX last year). If you remember, it was at this same event that Bethesda revealed their most previous title, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

If I had to guess, “Fallout: Shadow of Boston” will be some kind of live action web series while the much hyped game will be called Fallout 4.

More details as they come…



Bethesda has tweeted confirming that the trade is a hoax. Disappointing.


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