FIFA Street is Awesome and If I Can’t Convince You, This Trailer Will

Okay so holy hell, FIFA Street is fantastic. I’m a big FIFA fan so when I heard they were rebooting the series I was pretty stoked on it. The demo went live today on XBL alongside an awesome trailer that you can watch below. The element of doing crazy tricks mixed with using your environment to move the ball is something that will never ever get old. Kick it off the wall and flip it over your opponent to score? Style points. Kick it off a basketball hoop back to you and dropkick it in the net? Totally can do it. Now hopefully EA will also reboot NFL Street and then finally make an NHL Street so I can die happy. The trailer below is made out of 100% in game footage and I guarantee you that you will immediately turn on your Xbox to download the demo after you watch it. AUN.


About The Author: Brett

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