Games You Should Care About: Dishonored

So I think while we’re all caught up in the upcoming Fall lineup, I haven’t heard almost anybody talk about Arkane Studios’ new game published by a little company called Bethesda: Dishonored. The game looks to be one of the most exciting (and fun) games for fans of stealth action and lovers of Bioshock and the Elder Scrolls series, yet, I’ve heard almost nobody talk about it. Below is a short gameplay clip from E3 where you’ll see the devs discuss a little bit about the game. The second is a longer look.

Dishonored takes place in a Neo-Victorian steampunkish setting where you play as a bodyguard looking to get a bit of revenge. Throughout the game you’ll encounter all different kinds of quests as the game is open world. The thing that really excited me for this one is the amount of immersion and freedom you’re given. As you’ll see in the video, you have all kinds of different powers. You can possess living things. An example given in the first video is a scenario where you need to sneak into a castle. One option is for you to possess a fish in the moat surrounding the castle to sneak through a small hole and gain entry. Another scenario given is the ability to combine powers.  The devs discuss how one player stopped time as a bullet was fired at him, took possession of the guard who fired the shot, and walked him in front of his own bullet. The whole idea of the game is to “break it.” The developers want you to feel like you found your own way of doing a certain task. It doesn’t hurt that designers from games such as Deus Ex and Thief: Deadly Shadows are working on the game. Basically, you need it. The best part? It comes out October 9th. Yeah. Of this year. Watch the videos below.



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