Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Is a Third Person Squad and Cover based shooter that aims to change how you approach various situations with the latest and greatest military technology available. You are a part of an elite squad known as a ghost team, the kind of guys that get stuff done in high tension situations. And Future Soldier sure does make you feel like the most bad ass soldier alive.

The campaign to Future Soldier is riddled with huge set piece moments that give you an awe factor to almost every mission. These set pieces make each mission memorable, unlike other shooters that you only really remember one specific moment from the entire game. I could easily see myself remembering and talking about this game a few years into the future. The whole campaign is Co-op enabled so you can play throughout the same missions with the computer or with your friends. It’s very rare that a game makes you feel like a bad ass but Future Soldier does it. With the combination of the optical camouflage and the sync shot features you can make your way through enemy infested levels without anyone knowing you were ever there. That is exactly how a majority of the missions require you to be. While this can be slightly annoying and can lead to replaying the same part of a mission over and over because dead bodies are discovered. Part of me wishes that Future Soldier would take a page out of the Hitman series. I would prefer if a body was found the living enemies would be on alert rather than triggering your squad mates to open fire and fail the mission immediately. Because of this, the game requires you to be absolutely perfect deciding who to kill and when. You get a few different situations like your standard “go blow this up” missions but you also get some VIP missions. These are some of my favorite missions because they require you to hold on to the VIP with one hand and shoot with your pistol in the other. And my very favorite types are the stealth missions. In one specific mission you are required to follow a guy, taking out the guards. And staying close enough to not let him get away. You also have to deal with all the civilians walking around the tent filled camps.

Gadgets are what make this game really fun. Because you are dealing with very important missions you are given everything the military has to offer including Optical Camo that I mentioned earlier. This camouflage makes you almost invisible with the ability to blend in to your surroundings without alerting any enemies, as long as you are crouched and moving slow that is. You also get the Cross Com system that brings up enemy locations to your hud. This works in tandem with Sensor grenades these grenades show exactly where your enemies are and this allows you to then tag enemies to kill with Sync Shot. Sync Shot is another very useful feature that you will be using a lot to strategically take out enemies at the same time. You are able to see which enemies your squad mates are aiming at with a light beam. When you start marking your targets your squad mates will get to the best position to take out the enemy and will move to get a better position if your target is mobile. One thing I did notice is that sometimes your squad mates have the ability to shoot through solid items to kill enemies; I have seen the beam of light indicating the line of the shot go through a concrete barrier and successfully kill the enemy. Also available to you is the UAV drone, this is one of the most used gadgets in your arsenal. This drone can fly and mark enemies discretely from above or even turn into a remote controller car and emit a sonic blast that can temporarily stun enemies or stop electronic devices. But that’s not all you also get to control a bad ass piece of machinery called the Warhound. The Warhound is a robotic almost dog type creature that provides cover and unlimited mortars and missiles. So you can stand back and let the four legged tank take all the fire and rain death from above with mortars. They make it a bit easier with the Warhound’s ability to lock on to targets and fire instead of having to manually aim each mortar shot.

The mission locations are fun and diverse ranging from the African deserts to the snowy wastelands of Russia and everything in between. The pacing of Future Soldier really gives you the opportunity to take in the scenery and boy does it look good. Although I did have some frame rate issues with an aircraft hangar the rest of the game looked great. Like most games you’ve got your standard enemy base filled to the brim with guys willing to die (and tons of them do) to defend it. You are constantly outnumbered and have to rely on your squad mates quite a bit to get through these situations by laying down some suppressive fire while you flank. You can even mark targets on turrets that are suppressing you to make them a priority and your entire squad will focus on them. This helps a lot when enemies are perched on top of high buildings or in small windows that are scattered about the levels.

One of the coolest features that only takes place in between missions and before you join the multiplayer is the Gunsmith mode. Most shooters let you customize your guns to an extent right? Adding a red dot sight or even adding a silencer. Well Gunsmith takes it to a whole new level with such customizability it’s ridiculous. For every gun you unlock you have the ability to change just about everything about it. The Optics, Paint, Trigger, Magazine, Underbarrel, Gas system, Side Rail, Barrel, Muzzle, and Stock can all be customized. Do you want a pistol stock on a sniper rifle? You can do that, will it be good? Not likely. This was one of the coolest things I saw at last year’s E3, a guy was using kinect and voice controls to swipe through the options to pick and choose the best gun combination. You can even go into a firing range that allows you to test out your weapons. If you don’t want to change every part of a gun, you can just choose an optimized setup of either Range, Control, Maneuverability, or Power. You can even hit random and see what comes out.

You also get the Multiplayer modes which allow you to pick three different classes titled Scout, Engineer, and Rifleman. You can guess what class does what. And battle in a 6v6 match in four modes titled Conflict, which is an objective based match. Decoy, which is an objective based match that has one key objective and two decoy objectives. Saboteur, which is a plant the neutral bomb type game, and Siege, this is the hardcore version of Conflict where you don’t respawn.

And finally we have Guerilla mode, which is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s version of “Horde mode” where you and your friends can fight through 50 waves of enemies each harder than the last until you’ve completed them all. This mode is extremely difficult with only two people and even skilled players will have some difficulties here. You can play with up to 3 friends online or up to two with splitscreen.

Ghost Recon: Future soldier is a brilliant game that really pays attention to detail, the AI isn’t stupid and uses flanks to win. The environments look great and the weapon customizability is awesome. If you had any interest in Ghost Recon games before you’ll love this one.


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