Guy creates replica ‘Hidden Blade’ as seen in Assasins Creed – Turns out video games do make you murderers.

Check this out…

Sure sure sure it’s cool, but where’s the practicality? Name one legal situation where you need instant access to a concealed blade in the sleeve of your shirt. I love sketchy things like this. The gaming community has fought with tooth and nail against the “video games make you violent” argument since Grand Theft Auto started warping kids minds, and things like this just erase everything they work towards in building that reputation.

I’m totally on their side. But there’s always going to be the idiot who watches Jackass and tries to jump over a car, and in this case a middle-aged introvert dressed head to toe in black clothing flipping a blade with indifference written all over his face to creepy music. I’ll give it three months until homeboy offs somebody in Hot Topic.

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