Hitman Absolution Releasing November 20th (With Best Pre-Order Bonus Ever)

Finally. Finally. I’ll have the game I’ve been waiting six years for on November 20th, as Square Enix announced the release date this morning.  Along with this news comes news of probably the best pre order bonus ever.  Square Enix also announced the Hitman Sniper Challenge today. Starting May 15th, you’ll be able to play a separate level from the new game where you have to have the best times doing a sniper mission. You’ll unlock new things as you progress and the best times will be tracked on a leaderboard. The best scores will be flown to Copenhagen to meet the developers. Oh. And when I mean, “Starting May 15th,” I mean, you walk right in to Gamestop and pre order it and starting May 15th, you can download and play this level. Hell. Yes.

About The Author: Brett

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