Holiday Gift Guide for Console Gamers

Gamers are some of the toughest people to buy gifts for, especially when you’re not exactly well versed in the gaming world, but with the help of New England Gamer’s Holiday Gift Guide for Console Gamers you’ll be able to give your gamer exactly what they want this holiday season.

The holiday season is great time, it allows us all to get the things we want but couldn’t afford to buy ourselves and gamers are no different. But the difficulty here is figuring out exactly what would benefit your specific gamer and we’re here to make it easier.

So your gamer is a console gamer and you’re looking to get something cool and fun for the holiday season but you’re having some issues deciding on what your gamer would actually use? Well no problem, there’s a few gift ideas out there that every console gamer would love to receive.

Let’s start off with some things that are mandatory for all console gamers  (If they play games online). If your gamer owns a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or an Xbox 360 for that matter there’s one thing they are going to need if they want to continue playing their games online, and that’s a subscription to their respective console’s online service.


The Xbox One and Xbox 360 require an Xbox Live Gold subscription and without it they aren’t going to be able to play any of their games with their friends online, so let’s remedy this situation by picking up a one year membership to Xbox Live.

One year of Xbox Live costs $60.

Another option is a 3 month membership for about $25.

If your gamer owns a PlayStation 4 they will also be needing a membership to the PlayStation online service called PlayStation Plus.

The cost is roughly the same, about $50

Another option is a 3 month membership for less than $20


If your console gamer loves to have friends over to play games with them, another controller is a great gift to give during the holidays. Although each controller is rather pricy at $60 a pop, it’s something all games who like to play on the couch with friends need.

PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 Controller – $59

Xbox One Wireless Controller – $59

If your gamer already has a subscription to Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus, you can bet that they are going to want some games to buy. But instead of going out to pick them up a game that they might already have, or just plain don’t want you can purchase them a gift card to the Xbox Live, or PlayStation Stores. These can be great stocking stuffers and allow you to spend as little or as much as you want depending on your budget.

For the Xbox, you can buy denominations that range from $5 to $100.

A recommended amount is $20, which allows them to buy a few arcade titles.

For the PlayStation you can purchase a $10, $20, or $50 gift card.

$20 is a recommended amount that allows them to buy a few downloadable titles.


If you’re looking to quiet things down a bit, a gaming headset might be a great purchase for your console gamer. Although they are a bit expensive compared to the previously listed gifts, a nice headset can improve the gaming experience, and also quiet the house down.

Although there are a few brands out there for gaming headsets, I would always recommend Turtle Beach, they are a great company that has been making headsets for consoles for years.

Turtle Beach Headset for PlayStation 4 – $149.95

Something to note: Because the Xbox One has changed how they handle gaming headsets, all the companies including Turtle Beach have been delayed in producing headsets. So if you can wait, you can pick up a headset for the Xbox One starting February 14th.

Turtle Beach Headset for Xbox One – $99


Hopefully with the help of this guide you can get your console gamer exactly what they need to continue gaming for years to come. And once again, these make great birthday presents.

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