HyperX FURY DDR3 Memory Kit Review

If you’re looking to really get into PC gaming there are some things you’re going to need to beef up that old system you’ve got. Some of the first things you might think about would be a new processor, or maybe an updated video card, but one thing people tend to forget about is the RAM. People assume that they’ll just order whatever is cheap on Newegg and you’ll be fine; well you’ve never been more wrong. Kingston HyperX is a company that’s been around for quite a while producing kits of RAM that runs the gamut from standard web browsing and emails to the high end of performance and overclocking with ridiculous clock speeds of up to 2800MHz. But you might be thinking that you don’t need something too crazy and want some good RAM to get the job done while also being budget conscious. Well, HyperX has you covered with their new line of HyperX FURY kits.


HyperX FURY Front
HyperX FURY Front

Some things to look into when you’re buying new ram is to make sure the speed of the ram matches what your motherboard supports; and with HyperX FURY that’s no longer a concern. The HyperX FURY kits are fully Plug-n-Play, now what does that mean? Well, it means that these kits will automatically overclock themselves to run at the maximum speed that your motherboard supports (up to 1866MHz). This is especially cool because if you’re purchasing these kits for your current computer that runs at 1333MHz and you decide to upgrade, you can bring the HyperX FURY with you. This is exactly what happened for me, I was running a setup that only allowed the HyperX to run at 1066MHz speeds, and when I upgraded I was able to bring the kit with me and it now runs at a full 1866MHz. It should be noted that in some cases you might have to reset your BIOS to get the timings to detect correctly.

These two test are from my old setup with the old RAM and then again with the FURY.

Now I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention the style of the ram, and yes I did just reference style when I’m talking about desktop memory. Bear with me here, the Kingston HyperX FURY memory is one of the most attractive looking memory modules I’ve seen, nothing gaudy with ridiculous heat fins like say.. the Dominator series. The FURY looks classy and with its asymmetric heat spreader design and it’s sure to draw some eyes. Oh and did I mention it comes in four different colors? Yeah, the FURY kits can come in four separate colors on a black PCB that allows you to make your system look exactly the way you want. Red, Blue, Black, and the new White are the color choices you have and believe me that you’re going to be able to get the perfect color to match your motherboard. My current motherboard, the ASRock Z87 Extreme 3 is a dark brown PCB that doesn’t seem to have much color to it. Adding the standout white HyperX FURY RAM makes it a focal point through the case window.

The HyperX FURY comes in capacities of a single 8GB stick, or two 4GB sticks to make 8GB or even two 8GB sticks to make a 16GB kit. The FURY features a CAS latency of 9-9-9-27 and 10-10-10-30 which is sure to meet all your gaming performance needs.

The HyperX FURY is Kingston’s midrange kit that has replaced their Blu series which is very reasonably priced. You can grab the same 16GB (2x8GB) kit that I have for about $160. (This leaves you a bigger budget for a nicer video card, you’re welcome!)

For testing purposes I used the software MaxxMEM2 with my new build which is as follows.

Test Build

MotherboardASRock Z87 Extreme 3
CPU Intel I5 4670K Stock @3.4GHz
Memory16GB (2x8GB) Kingston HyperX FURY 1866MHz
Video CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2GB
Operating SystemWindows 7 Professional x64


New System FURY RAM

New System FURY RAMThe Kingston HyperX FURY products offer great performance for gaming rigs at a reasonable price. The Plug-N-Play feature is definitely something great, not having to worry about memory timings or speeds, just plug them in and let your computer do the rest. During my testing the FURY never stumbled and has performed flawlessly like they weren’t even there, and that’s exactly what you want when you’re talking about memory performance. But with the asymmetrical colored heatspreaders on the black PCB you’re going to notice them. If you’re looking for a memory upgrade for gaming on a budget, make sure you keep an eye out for the HyperX FURY.

Unacceptable |Not Recommended | Acceptable| Recommended | Highly Recommended


Selection of colors look slick which allows for complete customizationOnly available in 1333MHz, 1600MHz, 1866MHz speeds
Price pointFor automatic overclock you might have to reset BIOS. (Motherboard dependent)
Plug-N-Play Allows for automatic overclocking
Solid Construction

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