Injustice: Gods Among Us Announced, A DC Comics Fighting Game (Trailer)

Okay, so this one looks totally sick. NetherRealm (the folks who did the newest Mortal Kombat) and Warner Bros have announced a brand new fighting game that takes place in the DC Comics universe. While the trailer below doesn’t give much away, it looks as though the greatest heroes in the DC Universe have now become enemies of humans and are battling each other for some reason.

According to Gamespot, there will be a roster of heroes roughly the size of characters in their previous Mortal Kombat. The game seems to focus a lot on environments. There will be “Power” characters like Superman, and “Gadget” characters like Batman. The example given on Joystiq is that while Batman could slam Wonder Woman’s head into a car, Wonder Woman can slam a car into Batman. Based on the trailer, this game is going to kick all kinds of ass. I kind of figured there wouldn’t be crazy amounts of gore since DC doesn’t want Superman being torn in half (though I totally do), but they make up for it with the environment destruction. You may have noticed Batman kicking somebody through a skyscraper and out the other side. You may have also noticed Superman kicking the Flash INTO SPACE and slamming him back down to Earth. Can’t wait for this one. Injustice Gods Among Us¬†will hit Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U in 2013.

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