It’s Time: BF3’s Return to Karkand Arrives on Xbox 360 and PC…Now.

Ohhhh man. Since the moment I heard Return to Karkand was coming, I’ve been just too excited. I mean, I haven’t even downloaded it yet because I’m a busy boy and I need my squad with me, but nonetheless, she’s here. She waits.¬†Like a whispering, beautiful dream of nostalgic bullets. “Return to me..,” she softly cries. “Karkand, Gulf, Sharqi, Wake. Come back.” And I’m all like, “AWWW YEAH!”¬†

I should be a goddamned poet. Like forget this whole gaming industry career thing. Nope. Poet. Big Bobby Frost won’t know WHAT’S going on when I’m done. Oh, and there’s even a video put up 9 hours ago showing off Sharqi in it’s glory. I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Get on the field.




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