John-117 Gets a Face

Welp, it’s finally happened.  The most beloved faceless hero in the history of gaming has taken on an identity.  Last week, Microsoft released the new “Scanned” trailer for Halo 4 which takes us through some key moments in Master Chief’s life.



While most of the trailer is seen through Master Chief’s eyes, you do get to see him as a child.  We also witness his kidnapping, his surgery, and when he receives is Mark IV armor.  Also important in this trailer is that we see Chief captured by the Prometheans, a new enemy in Halo 4. While it is entirely possible that this is purely to build up hype for the new game, Halo lore buffs will know that if this happens in the campaign it will mean that John-117 will most likely complete his UNSC medal collection.  What an over-achiever.

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