Kingston HyperX at PAX East 2014

During PAX East 2014 I had a chance to check out the Kingston Hyper X booth following their April 9th announcement of the newly branded “Fury” memory line.


Prior to April 9th, Kingston had their “Blu” line of memory modules which was aimed at entry level gamers and enthusiasts and stuck out in comparison to their other lines like the genesis, predator, and high end “Beast”. So now with the official rebranding to Fury, it makes for a more unified collection. But the name change isn’t the only thing that’s happened. The new Fury line is now available in four different colors, the heatspreader comes in the original blue, red, black, and most interestingly; white. Now gamers who are looking to match the color of their ram to the theme of their cases have an option of something other than the typically ugly memory modules.

The Fury line is available in three different frequencies which include 1333MHz, 1600MHz and 1866MHz. These modules will come fully Plug and Play (PnP) so there’s no messing with timings or latency within the BIOS. The Fury line will be available as single 4GB or 8GB modules as well as 8GB and 16GB kits of two.

One very interesting thing coming out of this was the announcement that the Fury line was not only going to be for their ram, but that it would expand to Solid State hard drives. Sometime soon there will be a Fury line of SSD’s that would be the easiest, cost conscious solution to speeding up your rig. This makes it incredible easy to stick with a quality product line without breaking the bank.

But hardware isn’t the only thing on the minds of the guys over at Kingston HyperX, they even had a brand new headset to show off called the HyperX Cloud. This brand new headset aims to be super comfortable while still providing excellent performance. The cups feature memory foam ear cushions that allow for hours of use without feeling like your ears are going to fall off. With a removable microphone and comfortable over the ear design the HyperX Cloud headset looks to be the best headset with customization, comfort, and performance all for a great price of $99.

To kick off these announcements, Kingston Hyper X not only had awesome color themed computers to match the four new color schemes of the Fury line but they even had members from the League of Legends team Evil Geniuses like Krepo, Pobelter, and Snoopeh hanging around the booth challenging attendees to games of League of Legends, Street Fighter IV, and Hearthstone. There is currently one day remaining at PAX East so make your way to the HyperX booth (booth 280) and challenge the pros, get their autographs and check out the rest of the booth.

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