League of Legends Season 2 Predictions


Contrary to popular belief I do use my time for more things than just playing League of Legends, okay? I also heavily watch streams and tournaments in-between my rage quits. Tonight at 8 PM ET is the final quarterfinal match as well as the two semifinal matches to decide who will be competing for $1,000,000 (yeah, that’s not excessive at all). Here are our thoughts and picks for the upcoming matches. How do your picks stack up to ours?



World Elite (WE):

World Elite has been together  for awhile which I keep hearing will help them, but they’ve gone through so many face changes in that time that it may not be such a major factor. They first made a splash winning  IEM Guangzhou and have since dominated the Chinese scene along with rival Invictus Gaming. There were some issues here as the teams last major showing was at IPL face off where they only landed a fifth place finish. Being one of the the first teams to qualify for tournament they skipped group stage and immediately landed CLG.EU where they had an amazing battle which was postponed and reset to a best-of-one where I feel they have a disadvantage. CLG.EU has a fantastic late game and won’t need to force any possible mistakes and I highly doubt after the past games  we will see WE allowed to grab Blitzcrank again which will nullify a lot of the aggression they will need to best such a strong team fighting group. In a best-of-one CLG should be able to hold off with a stronger late game and slowly make their run for the Nexus. Should. WE has shown that their bottom lane is their clear go-to in this matchup showing moments of dominance, especially early game. If WE wants to play in the semis that’s going to be the lane to live or die by. I’ve been very surprised by WE in the last games and 100% believe they can win, so I’m not counting them out but the edge goes to CLG.EU.

Counter Logic Gaming: Europle (CLG.EU)

The massively popular CLG.EU is right where everyone expected them to be; competing for the number one spot in season 2. Well, for awhile there was some doubt after being knocked out by Moscow 5 in Dreamhack. But they were not going to be stopped so easily. The team flew to Sweden, entered the open qualifiers and just dominated everyone. I mean dominated. They didn’t lose a single game in the entire event and cemented a spot in the regionals and that momentum seems to still be going. With a ridiculous mid in Froggen who will pretty much guarantee an Anivia ban leaving other potential dangers open, can the only team to beat both of the powerhouses in Azubu and Moscow 5 do it again or is their extremely passive early game going to hurt them? As we’ve seen throughout this tournament (and pretty much just in general) CLG.EU is still using their “play for late game” strategy where they force very little and just farm up for the late game waiting to abuse their superior teamfighting to skills to finish off an opponent. The big question is how much will this hurt them against a team like M5 or AZF where they force early dragons, invade jungles, and constantly push towers?

Predicition: CLG. EU over World Elite


Taipei Assassins (TPA):

Okay, here’s a tough one. TPA is touted as one of the best teams in the entire world by most avid eSports followers. With a couple former NA solo queue all stars with Lilballz and MiStaKe, but have not competed even once in this years challengers circuit but instead dominated the Garena Premier League with a 29-2 record. But is that enough? I’m not sure. The teams from China and Taiwan don’t get nearly the exposure that teams from North America, Korea or Europe get so most of what we’re basing their skill off comes against opponents none of us have seen very much (if any) of. Their major selling point is their 2-0 win over a Najin Sword team that looked unstoppable in group play decisively winning every single game before running into TPA. I know people like to talk about their seven-man (really six man, one woman) roster but let’s be honest, they’re not going to sub anyone. Go with the hot hand and that’s with the five they have right now.

Moscow Five (M5):

I honestly don’t know what to tell you here. If you watch any of the pro teams in LoL, you’ve heard of M5. In a European scene filled with some of the top teams worldwide they’ve been dominant. Almost unknown at the time M5 showed up at IEM Kiev where they took out favorites Team SoloMid and then went ham on everything and everyone who stood in their way winning the event without dropping a single game. They pretty much just won everything until they ran into CLG.EU at Dreamhack. But, that’s pretty much the end of their biggest “losing streak” as they went on to dominate some more at ECC Poland and European regionals. M5 is one of the most fun teams to watch as they’re terrifyingly aggressive. They constantly force objectives,  practically live in the enemy jungle and are not afraid to take high risks as they’re mechanically skilled enough to escape almost any bad fights. While many teams have one great player such as Swords “MaKNooN” carrying a heavy load of the team, M5 is extremely balanced with no weak links. They always seem to be on the same page which is pretty ridiculous when you watch the games. Anyone who is a fan watching their game will consistently beg them not to enter bushes, push objectives, etc and they will. And they’ll win it. The more stupidly improbable the situation seems to be, the better they seem to preform which demoralizes opponents. M5 was my original and current pick favorite to the this entire tournament.

Prediction: Moscow Five over Taipei Assassins

Azubu Frost (Azubu):

Well, we’ve all heard about it so I guess we can start there. Screen cheating. Honestly, I don’t care about it. Azubu is a more mechanically skilled team than Team SoloMid and I believe Frost would have won this matchup either way. I’m not saying they did it (they totally did it) but I am saying I think Azubu deserves to be here. Another hyper aggressive team like M5, Azubu looks to put pressure on… well, nobody yet. The winner of CLG.EU and WE will face off against Frost for a spot in the finals. Azubu Frost, much likes its twin team Azubu Blaze, likes to put constant pressure on an opponent showing unmatched objective control, especially on dragons. They will force the issue with lane swapping and tower pushing constantly even if they’re behind (which they rarely are) in order to force early game teamfights and outnumbered ganks.  Azubu may not have their matchup yet but I personally don’t believe WE matches up well here. CLG.EU and Frost have met before, and they’ve both beaten eachother. Azubu Frost is in for a tough game if they meet up with CLG.EU as they need to build an early lead in order to compete. I don’t believe they can contend with CLG.EU in a late game without a strong lead. In my opinion, they should be able to do so. They’ve done it in every game so far, and I believe they will again.

Prediction: Azubu Frost over CLG.EU/WE

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