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If you’re in the know, you would have heard that Logitech is one of the premier manufacturers of gaming peripherals and have been for quite some time now. Now if you aren’t familiar with Logitech you might be asking why you should trust them, and the answer is simple, they’ve been making mice for computers since the company was created in 1981, that’s thirty three years of mice creation. Still not convinced? Well, read on.

G402 left side

The latest release by Logitech is their next attempt at getting into that ever popular FPS market with the G402 Hyperion Fury which advertises tracking speeds of over 500 IPS (inches per second). This new mouse features Logitech’s Fusion Engine sensor and the Delta Zero sensor for some insane levels of accuracy on a mouse. The G402 has been touted at many events as the “fastest gaming mouse” you could buy for FPS gaming and according to the top gamers the issue in FPS’s is that their previous mice could not track as fast as they can move so the need for the G402 Hyperion Fury was apparent. It should also be noted that G402 is not the top tier Logitech mouse, this mouse is the meant to be priced under the flagship G502 Proteus Core; so the comparison has to be made.


The G402 Hyperion Fury measures in at 5.3 inches long, 2.8 inches wide and 1.6 inches tall while weighing just 108 grams which is actually just a tiny bit longer, thinner, and taller while weighing 13 grams less than the G502. The mouse is made from the same material as most of the Logitech G series with a matte black finish and accentuated with glossy black accents as well as the pulsating blue “G” logo. The G402 also features eight programmable buttons that are all completely customizable to perform whatever actions you need at a moment’s notice. This is modified by the Logitech Gaming Software which we will cover later. One difference here compared to the G502 is that this model has less buttons, specifically the wheel shift buttons that I have come to love after using the G700S and G502. As someone who uses the scroll wheel constantly, the clicking sound of the scroll wheel has become a bit of an annoyance and the wheel shift button could easily remedy this. Besides this minor personal annoyance the G402 is pretty comfortable to hold and use for hours on end. After a few hours of gaming I didn’t notice any sort of fatigue or annoyances. The standard DPI up and down buttons are in a perfect location so you aren’t accidentally changing the DPI at the wrong moment. Though the new DPI toggle button seems to be a little far away because of the grip I use while gaming. On the bottom of the G402 are four pads that allow the mouse to glide easily over different surface materials from the typical felt type mouse pad material to a wooden desk and just about everything in-between. The biggest feature on the underside of the G402 is the Delta Zero technology within the sensor that allows you to calibrate your mouse to whatever surface you would use it on no matter if it’s dark or light. I was unable to do any testing if it worked on a glass surface so if you’ve got a glass desk, I’d have a standard mouse pad just in case.

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Now talking about this whole “world’s fastest mouse” thing brings up some questions; like how fast is this thing? Well, if IPS is a new thing to you as it probably is for most, it has the ability to run at 4000 DPI which is insanely fast and I’ve yet to find a use for it and runs all the way down to 240 which is almost painfully slow. I’ve found a great medium when gaming is about 1600 DPI with a 1000MHz Polling rate (every millisecond the mouse reports to the CPU its positioning.) This can all be modified within the Logitech Gaming Software.

The Logitech Gaming Software is one of the best peripheral software products out there and in comparison to some, is one of the easiest to navigate. Just like all of the G series products this one software handles them all so there’s no need to find the mouse software to adjust DPI and finding the keyboard software to handle some macros. Assuming you have a G series keyboard like I do, you can see that you can change the settings and preferences of both from within the same software which is wonderful.

Within the Logitech Gaming Software you will presented with an option to store your profiles on the mouse itself or on the computer the software is installed on. This is incredible useful if you’re using your G402 on multiple computers and do not wish to install the software on every machine.

Just like we talked about earlier, the G402 has eight separate programmable buttons that you can leave to perform their normal functions or customize to your heart’s content. This is extremely helpful when you need to perform specific functions and can program macros to handle it at the press of a button.

Also mentioned earlier was the DPI settings, in the Logitech Gaming Software you’ll find an easy to manage multi-point slider for your “Pointer Settings”. You can program up to five different DPI levels and they can be scrolled through using the DPI up and down buttons on the left side of the mouse slightly to the left from where your index finger sits. This location initially seemed strange to me but after a few weeks of use, it actually became my preferred location as opposed to the previous location, behind the scroll wheel. So once you’ve set your DPI settings you can assign a shift setting. This is the new button that’s right at the end of where your thumb will sit. This button toggles the DPI to whatever you’d like. This is helpful in FPS’s when sniping so you can hold the shift button and it will automatically drop your DPI to a lower setting and then go back to its original setting once you let go. While I didn’t personally find too much use for this button, I could see where one could. Also in the software is an option to change the report rate, essentially how many times per second will your mouse report to your computer its location. The default is 1000Mhz and that’s where I would leave it.

Remember that light up “G” logo I mentioned earlier? Well here’s where you can control that. Hitting the light bulb picture brings you to a menu that allows you to mess with the brightness, the intensity of the breathing effect, and even the small lights that can tell you at a glance what your DPI level is.

G402 Right


The last page on the software has no purpose other than to show you how fast you are capable of moving your mouse. Essentially it just tells you how fast the mouse is when you enable and disable the “Fusion Engine”.

The thing I love about having a Logitech G510s keyboard and the G402 mouse is that they work together, the screen on the keyboard will display the DPI changes that I’m controlling on my mouse and this includes when you use the toggle button. Plus the fact that you don’t have to use multiple software products is an additional bonus.

Logitech Gaming software

From a purely aesthetic standpoint the G402 Hyperion Fury looks great. It has the same look as most of the G series mice and will fit in perfectly with any of the other peripherals sitting on your desk. The design and lighting isn’t gaudy or out of the ordinary and when paired with a Logitech keyboard you’ve got a pretty slick looking combo. But just like all new mice there is a point of time it takes to become acclimated to the mouse which includes the physical shape, weight, button placement and normal usage. Once you pass this period of change you’ll become completely comfortable and be back to performing all the functions you’re used to, as well as some new ones thanks to the eight programmable buttons. The mouse was comfortable to use, the software is simple to understand, and it looks great, what more could one really ask for?

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The Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury was reviewed using a review unit provided by Logitech.

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