Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse Review

What does someone really need in a mouse is a question asked frequently by those who have never put their hands on a nice gaming mouse. Sure, I could explain to you the importance of the range and selection of DPI. I could tell you about how accurate the laser within the mouse is. I could even tell you it has a bunch of buttons. But until you get your hands on Logitech G700s you won’t truly understand what differentiates a good mouse from a great one.

A great gaming mouse is integral to your experience playing a PC game, ask any professional gamer and you’ll know that the gaming peripherals are the most important weapons in their arsenal. You want the actions delivered from your hands to be accurately represented within the game and you never want the tools you’re working to hold you back. These are key things to any peripheral on the market and I believe that the Logitech G700s is one of those that follows these key points.


At its core, the Logitech G700s is a rechargeable Wireless and wired gaming mouse that allows you to program thirteen different buttons across five different profiles to give you access to whatever you deem necessary. The Logitech G700s is comfortable, it performs well, and it looks very cool.

The G700s has some advanced surface materials that are brand new to the entire “G” series of products by Logitech. It sports a hydrophobic coating that stops that sticking feeling you get after long gaming sessions. This was a minor annoyance on the various gaming mice I’ve owned in the past, you go to pick up your hand and you can feel your palm separating from the mouse while your skin doesn’t want to let go. Maybe not everyone has sweaty hands, but I do and this prevents that gross feeling that I’m glad is a thing of the past. Something you’ll notice as soon as you put your hand on the mouse is that the sides feel rather bumpy, and this is no error. The sides are coated in a dry grip coating that allows you to grip the mouse without fear of it sliding out of your hands. This is a little different and takes some getting used to, but after two weeks of using the G700s it’s something that I don’t even notice anymore. If you ever eat while you play, you might see some nasty build up on your mouse, at least I used to on my old Razer mouse. But not anymore, the buttons have that nice fingerprint-resistant coating that leaves the mouse looking nice and clean.


So those thirteen programmable buttons I was talking about earlier, they are useful and I’m going to tell you exactly why your next mouse needs to have them. Through the Logitech Gaming Software you are able to program each of the thirteen mouse buttons to whatever you see fit. Although I would recommend keeping two of them to change your DPI. For example, I’ve bound the four buttons on the left side of the mouse, right above your thumb, to navigate WebPages easier. Looking at the buttons as quadrants, I’ve bound quadrant 4 to navigate back, quadrant 3 to navigate forward, quadrant 1 to play the next song in a playlist, and quadrant 2 to play the previous song in the playlist.  Above those four buttons, along the left side of the left click you have three buttons that I recommend keeping stock, The farthest button from your palm is DPI up, the next button to you would be DPI down( you can go from 200 to 8200 DPI in a few button presses), and the closest button to your palm is the check battery level button clicking this one down lights up the battery level indicator on the left side of the mouse so you know exactly how much life your battery has. You won’t be looking at it that much, even on the “Max Gaming” mode I was able to get two full days of playing games for roughly 5 to 6 hours per day on top of a few hours browsing the web. Having these buttons places like this allows you to dial down your DPI or sensitivity of the mouse on the fly. This allows you to go from the running and gunning DPI where every slight movement of your hand equals scanning across the battlefield to moving slightly to make sure you’re getting a headshot by clicking DPI down. I found these buttons to originally be difficult to just hit and go, but after a few days I’m able to switch DPI on the fly. You’ve also got a profile switch button that is the closest button to your palm drawing a straight line back from the scroll wheel. Just in front of that, you’ve got your scroll wheel toggle and this is one of those features that sounded like there would be no use for, but it’s been extremely useful. One click and you’ve got your standard scroll that clicks a little after you scroll. Click once more and your scroll wheel can spin freely. I find this feature more useful for browsing the internet. You’ve gotten to the bottom of the page and you want to scroll back to the top because you’re dead set not to hit the Home button on your keyboard, you just scroll up and let it spin and before you know it, you’re back to the top of the page. It also allows for a more controlled scroll without the normal resistance of the clicking.


Speaking of that scroll wheel, there’s two hidden buttons within this regular looking wheel. You all know about the standard scroll wheel click from pushing the scroll wheel directly down, it opens links in a new tab, closes tabs, and a bunch of other random functions. But now, the scroll wheel is able to be clicked to the left and right. This defaults to scrolling sideways on WebPages and it works quite well.

Like I’ve said, these are all what I’ve chosen to use for my buttons, but you’re free to change them to your heart’s content.

Moving on, remember when I said “Logitech G700s is a rechargeable Wireless and wired gaming mouse”? I wasn’t joking. This is Logitech’s top of the line gaming mouse and it’s definitely got the best of both worlds with the ability to be wireless and quickly switched to wired at a moment’s notice. Imagine this, you’re deep behind enemy lines crouched behind a boulder and your mouse dies. Normally this is the moment you start yelling at your mouse and quickly run to find batteries to replace the dead ones with and just as you get back to your computer you see the worst player on the enemy team knife you right in the back. If it happened once, it’ll happen a million times. But not anymore! The Logitech G700s has a wired cable that is pretty simple to plug in and before you know it, you’ve got full control of your mouse and guess what; there is no noticeable difference in the wireless performance compared to the wired. One tip that will help you is to not pick up the mouse to look for the port, just keep it on your table and “Drive” the cable to the front of the mouse and you’ll feel it click in to place.


Now down to the nitty gritty, So when you’re using an optical or laser mouse, you are stuck with the report rate that the mouse comes with, This can be beneficial because you don’t need to worry about it. But this can also be a negative thing when the report rate fluctuates and you begin to lose accuracy with the movements of your mouse. The report rate of a mouse is basically how many times the CPU checks in to see where the mouse is. The higher it is, the more accurate your mouse can be, but it also comes at a cost of taking more CPU usage. You want your report rate to be as accurate as possible so you can make your clicks and movements with precision. The G700s maintains a consistent report rate on both the 2.4GHZ wireless or when you run the mouse wired through the USB cable. Either of these modes is up to eight times faster than a standard USB mouse. The Logitech G700s also comes stock with a gaming-grade laser. This laser delivers the precision, speed you need while working perfectly on a ridiculous range of surfaces that can detect even the smallest movement.

The build quality is also very high, the mouse feels perfectly comfortable and very sturdy. Even squeezing the mouse in anger did not cause the plastic shell to bend or break. the left and right click buttons are even said to last up to twenty million clicks which is double the lifespan of what other gaming mice offer. The entire “G” series of mice come with a 3 year warranty that shows Logitech really stands by their products.


Note: Your Dpi settings may be different, but here’s one I’ve found works very well for all situations.  Using the maximum 5 levels per profile, I’ve set my Dpi’s as such: 500, 800, 1200, 1700, and 2300. This allows you to get the precision you need at 500 and the free range you want at 2300 with pit stops along the middle. There are a few modes that you can set under each profile, they are: Power Saver, Normal Gaming, and Max Gaming. Each of these can affect your battery life drastically. In Power Saver, I was able to get about a week of life out of use on one charge, while changing to Normal Gaming dropped that down to 3 or 4 days. On Max Gaming I got roughly two days of use out of one charge. You may experience a little bit of a delay when you first touch the mouse when it is on the “Power Saver” mode. It’s just the mouse waking up from its low power state.

The negatives, like any product we have positives and negatives, and luckily the negatives aren’t too huge. When you first get your hands on the G700s the mouse may feel like you shouldn’t be hold it, the new coating on these “G” series mice are very different from what we’re used to and I even had a friend pick it up and refer to it as the “Icky feeling” mouse. The fact that this mouse is both wireless and wired, it takes up two USB ports and for those who use a laptop like the one I have USB ports are at a premium. Plugging in the charging cable is strangely difficult when you try to pick up the mouse and plug it in, but driving the cable into the mouse like a car driving in to a garage fixes that problem, just a bit odd, I might have gone with some sort of magnet to make it a little easier (ala the Macbook Pro charger). The charging USB cable has no bend to it, and it sometimes makes the mouse feel big when you’re dragging the cord around with it. This is a $99 mouse and that’s a bit pricey considering “Gaming” mice generally run you about $40-$60. Once again, these are just minor annoyances and a majority of these can be dealt with.

So whether you’re just browsing the web and checking emails, or putting in hours upon hours into Battlefield 3, you want the best tools in your hands and no doubt, the Logitech G700s is a must have. That is, If you can afford it. (The Logitech G700s retails for $99.99, the unit used for review was provided by Logitech.



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