Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta: First Impressions

Last Thursday the Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta went live for the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, that means that any of you on PC or PlayStation 3 will have to wait until the retail version of the game is released to get into the action.

Medal of Honor Warfighter

Medal of Honor Warfighter is an upcoming game that takes advantage of the Frostbite 2 engine used in Battlefield 3.  The beta itself is played on the new Sarajevo Stadium map and takes advantage of the new Hotspot game type. Hotspot is your basic defend/attack game where one team is trying to keep the other from destroying various bombsites.  There are five bombsites on the map and the game finishes when one team has either secured or destroyed three of them.  The map appears to take place outside of the stadium itself, and looks great.  But what do I think about the gameplay?  Well, you have to remember that this is a beta, which means there will be plenty of bugs to complain about.  There are also plenty of things to praise that I have not seen in games previously, or I’m glad are coming back.

We’ll start with the negatives, that way I’ll feel as if I’m ending on a positive note.  The spawns in this mode are terrible, making it very easy for one team to spawn trap another and take the objective.  Add that to the fact that there is little to no spawn protection, and this game becomes extremely frustrating.  Not to mention the fact that your spawn at each bombsite is random.  The attackers could spawn right next to the site while the defenders are on the other side of the map.  Hit detection is another problem I’ve found in that sometimes you can aim at the head and get nothing, while at the same time getting a headshot while aimed at someone’s chest.  Seeing as how this game was developed using Frostbite 2, I did expect there to be at least a bit more destruction.  The amount that could be destroyed was highly miniscule, amounting to the objectives and possibly a few pieces of walls.  I am hoping there will be more to show of Frostbite’s power in the other maps.  My last complaint is in the game type itself.  I have found a couple instances where I cannot see where the bomb is.  Whether because the opacity on the objective marker is too overdone, or because it is too small, it does become difficult to see.  Also, the game does not reward you very well for playing the objective.  The amount of points you get for planting the bomb and defusing it are fine, but for defending it and getting it to blow up, you only get 50 points while the rest of your team gets 100.

A gunfight in the MOHW beta

Now let’s talk about the positives.  This game is close quarters and fast paced.  I would even say the feel of the game is very similar to Call of Duty while having a Battlefield skin, you even have killsteaks.  This game is a happy medium between the two of them and if that’s what you’re looking for, this could very well be the game for you.  The map is small enough where you will be hard pressed to find a moment that is dull, and if you do find one, hopefully it’s because you just spawned.  As far as playing with friends goes, Medal of Honor is once again the happy medium.  Should you start a party with friends you will have the ability to carry quite a few into a game with you, just like Call of Duty.  You will also be sorted into Fireteams, which are very similar to Squads in Battlefield.  Fireteams are two players who can spawn on, heal, and resupply each other.  You also get rewarded for sticking with your buddy by getting points every time he gets a kill, spawns on you, or even when he saves you from death.

Overall, the beta is a lot of fun.  EA and Danger Close have created a great thing here.  As long as they can get the fan base up, Medal of Honor Warfighter should be a huge hit.  The only thing standing in their way is the fact that this game borrows from Battlefield and Call of Duty, whose fans don’t always see eye to eye.  However, if you can get past that I’d suggest you go to your local gaming store and pre-order this game.  If you do you’ll receive access to the Battlefield 4 beta when it comes out late next year, a free map pack with the limited edition version, and some companies are even giving away certain soldier classes with your pre-order.  For those of you who haven’t tried the beta yet, it is continuing until the 15th of October.  For everyone else, the game drops Oct. 23rd.

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