Meet the Nintendo 2DS

On October 12 Nintendo will be launching its newest handheld, the Nintendo 2DS, at a price of $130. As the handheld’s name suggests, the system does not have a 3D feature.

Nintendo created the 2DS in order to target the entry level gamer, especially those in families of four with two children. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime explains “For a family of four with two kids, when you’re looking at spending either $169.99 or $199.99 for two this holiday, now you’ve got a more affordable choice with Nintendo 2DS.”

But what about the design? Certainly, 3DS and owners of other Nintendo consoles will be interested in purchasing the 2DS, and in the image below we can see the difference in design. The features remain largely the same as the 3DS and Fils-Aime says that Nintendo “expect consumers to use it just the way they use a current 3DS”

The 2DS will be available in red or blue.

The 2DS does not sport a clamshell design. Instead, it has more of a slate design that still supports two screens. While you may be worried about comfort, especially considering how this console is meant to be held, numerous people have reported that the 2DS actually fits comfortably in your hands. Brett Molina from USA Today states in his article that “it’s surprisingly comfortable, fitting snugly between two hands whether you’re racing go-karts or exploring a scary mansion.”

There is also some concern surrounding the slate design as far as screen protection goes. Gamers can carry their handhelds such as the 3DS around worry-free, as the clamshell design allows the screen to be shut and protected. The same does not go for the 2DS. Nintendo  has created a carrying case for the 2DS, however, that will sell for $12.99- another expense, but for a console that runs so cheap you are still saving.

So, I know that what you’re all really interested in are the features of the 2DS:

  • The 2DS supports DS and 3DS games
  • Internal charge battery that is charged with the same adapter used for the 3DS
  • 4 GB memory card
  • The stylus is the same size of the 3DS XL stylus
  • Online and multiplayer functionality
  • Headphone jack
  • The system is lighter in weight than its predecessors
  • Thicker and concave shoulder buttons
  • Cameras, mic, wifi functionality, and all other features from the 3DS (except, of course, design and 3D)

The 2DS seems like it would be a great start for young gamers as well as a good addition to current gamers collection. It is a cheaper alternative to the 3DS and other consoles, while retaining most of the same features, and the game library for the handheld console is already ripe for the picking!

About The Author: Ashley