New Halo 4 Spartan Ops Missions Out Today!

New episodes of Halo 4‘s popular “Spartan Ops” mode were released today in the Xbox Live Marketplace.  While they do need to be downloaded in order to be played, the download itself is free.  The download consists of the second half of Season 1, giving players five new episodes that will be unlocked on a weekly basis starting with Episode 6 today.

Spartan Ops


When 343 Industries first announced Spartan Ops, they noted that they wanted it to become like a television show.  They wanted their fans to become invested in the story and come back for the new episodes every week.  Over the Holidays, they went to work on the second half of Spartan Ops Season 1.  They took a lot of the community feedback and put it into the episodes to give fans a better experience in the new chapters; this worked in a big way for them.

The thing you have to remember about this mode is that it is essentially a re-imagining of Firefight mode.  When Spartan Ops was released, a lot of fans were upset that there wasn’t enough story, so 343 fixed that. A lot of fans also expressed the fact that they didn’t feel connected to Crimson, so 343 addressed that issue as well.  And if their fans didn’t pile on enough of a workload with those, they also wanted new locations.  All of the hard work that they boys behind Halo 4 have put into the second half of Spartan Ops has really taken the mode above and beyond what anyone ever thought it would become, and with the help of much of their campaign team, the new chapters really feel like part of a second campaign.

Granted, at least one of the new maps is taken directly from the original campaign, while another is simply a multiplayer map.  Still, the work that has been put into the new missions more than makes up for that as we are also given maps that we’ve never seen parts of before, and we’ve already mentioned the improved story telling that was put into the episodes.  If you were a fan of Spartan Ops before, you’re going to love it even more now.  If you were skeptical of the mode after first trying it out, you may want to look at it again, as it is sure not to disappoint a second time.

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