News Roundup (October 12th – 19th)

Another week, another massive amount of gaming news! From GTA to Pokemon to Microsoft, we’ve got you covered with weekly news so let’s get right into it.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has just released a brand new patch(1.04) which fixes quite a few bugs as well tweak some mission earnings. This patch comes to prepare players for the game’s “stimulus package” in which Rockstar has promised $500,000 in-game dollars to it’s GTA Online players as penance for it’s rocky start. If only someone would give me $500k in the real world…

In case you’ve been living under a Rock-type Pokemon for the past week, you may have heard that the Pokemon franchise has released it’s newest installment to it’s blockbuster series, Pokemon X & Y. The game has been met with some pretty stellar reviews. But what is not so stellar is a game-breaking save glitch which was recently discovered. In short, if you save your game in Lumiose City in the outer ring of the city, your game could get corrupted. The picture below shows where within city that you should not save in. The blue areas are unsafe. Nintendo has promised a patch in the near future.



Microsoft announced this week that their Games With Gold promotion for the Xbox 360 will continue indefinitely. This means 2 free games every month fro Xbox Live gold members. And speaking of Games With Gold, Halo 3 is free until the end of the month. If you don’t already have it, you should probably go download it.

Gamestop’s Black Friday ads have been leaked. Some of these deals are awesome and include $200 PS3’s and Xbox 360, Call of Duty: Ghosts(November 5th) for $50 and Battlefield 4 for PC for $30. 12 whole pages of deals. Goodbye, wallet… It was nice knowing you.

Ubisoft has delayed Watch Dogs and The Crew into Spring of 2014. Also delayed is Sony’s Drive Club which is now expected to be released early 2014.

That’s quite a bit of news to take in, huh? Make sure to keep an eye out for more weekly news updates in the future, folks!

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