NHL 13 Teasers + Release Date

Ah yes, It’s yet again time to start obsessing over EA Sport’s next NHL game, NHL 13. Just like in years past, EA will slowly begin rolling out videos and screenshots to hint at and possibly give away secrets for this upcoming years game.

This year we are presented with the “Road to NHL13” series which is planned to have 3 parts. Part 1 is available now with part 2 coming May 16th and the third and final part coming this friday, May 18th.

If you remember last year NHL 12 featured a similar style of videos that released information little by little. For NHL12 EA Sports released the Legends piece by piece for their awesome Be a Legend mode.

Check out Part 1 here:

Now what we get from that video is The skill stick, a feature that was introduced in NHL 07, This was clearly a huge gameplay change that was brought to all EA games but proved especially useful in the NHL series. For those who don’t know, the skill stick is the nickname EA gave to the right analogue stick being used to control your hands or the stick in the NHL games.

This first video teases that the next big gameplay revolution is coming. We also get a release date of September 11th 2012.

Being a HUGE fan of EA’s NHL series you can expect to get all the updates as they come out here. So stay tuned.

Part two of three has been released, and this one is about the about the second evolution, real world physics. This was introduced in NHL11 that allowed players to be hit and react to hits in different ways, not just the same fall over and over. Each player responds to each hit in a unique fashion.

Check out part 2 here:

Part 3 has been released and it’s huge! just CLICK HERE to view the new post.

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