NHL 14 Collision Physics Gameplay Trailer


EA Sports’ NHL series of games has been incrementally improving it’s engines through the years and this year seems to be the year to fix the hitting. This is a much needed fix as NHL 13 and all prior games before it never truly replicated the hitting that you would see in a real hockey game. Too many times in NHL 13 you would be expecting to go in for a huge shoulder to chest hit and instead of taking the target down, they simply get bumped off the puck. Or worse, you take the hit and fall unrealistically chest down. Taking a part of the FIFA series physics engine and ramping it up to deal with the velocity and strength of NHL players.

EA seems to be going with a staggered trailer release schedule that will highlight each part of the improvements. You heard Rammer talk about how the Collision Physics are just the first of a series of trailers that are going to be released before the official release of NHL 14, on September 10th. Upcoming videos will include 1-touch dekes, true performance skating, and the new enforcer engine. I am very excited to see the enforcer engine in action considering the fans have been asking for a changed fighting system for years now. We are hoping to hear about some new announcers.

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