Nintendo Proves Again Why The 3DS Is The System To Own

In case you missed Nintendo’s newest “Direct” video where they showcase their coming attractions to the public, it was, well, pretty damn good. Just like the February edition where Pokemon X and Y were announced. In the portable war between 3DS and Vita, here’s why the Vita is sitting on the ropes begging for somebody to cut his eye…again. While some things announced were for the Wii U, such as New Super Luigi U, the clear focus was portable gaming. And that wasn’t a bad decision by any means.

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
The Italian plumbers who just can’t manage to ever actually fit any time in to do their occupation are back to work together. This time, (shockingly) Peach has been kidnapped again by Bowser somebody mysterious  in a new land called Pillo Island. Luigi has the ability to fall asleep on a magic pillow and Mario possesses the ability to jump into a portal of Luigi’s dreams as his brother snoozes.  In the real world, Mario and Luigi bro out to help save Peach and can use each other to clear all kinds of obstacles. While in the dream world, the top screen will be Mario with the bottom Luigi’s sleeping face. You can interact with Luigi’s face to help him move around and what not and clear obstacles in his mind so Mario can navigate it. The trailer even showed one part where Mario was rolling on a ball made out of hundreds of Luigis to help the player simulate that he/she has probably been awake for 72 hours straight.

Mario Golf: World Tour
There’s no denying how awesome Mario Golf was way back on the N64. Even the one on Gamecube was pretty decent. After all this time, Mario Golf makes its return on the 3DS. Utilizing the community feature from Mario Kart 7, you’re guaranteed to have plenty of good times with this one. A wireless feature confirmed real time match play with people all over the world as well as uploading your scores to compete in large scale tournaments. Check this one out this Summer.
Mario Party 3DS
It seemed inevitable that a new Mario Party would make its way to the 3DS given the success of the title on the regular DS. The game will feature all sorts of different boards, each with their own specific rule set. Some of the mini games shown off seemed to be pretty cool even if some are (as usual) based on luck. Look for this one Winter 2013. 

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
Nintendo is bringing the hit Wii game to the 3DS. While that sounds like a standard port, I’m pretty impressed in the changes they’ve made to it. In addition to obviously balancing the game to play portably, a new mode is added promptly titled, “New Mode.” In this mode, the gameplay and difficulty is adjusted so people can play in shorter bursts. You get to take five hits instead of three now. Along with this, there’s more power ups per level as well as things like green balloons and crash guards for mine cart sequences. The standard Wii version also is included with the game. There’s also eight brand new levels that can only be played by playing through the full game. Local wireless co-op is also a feature. Look for it on May 24th via store and eShop. 

Yoshi’s Island
Yeah, man. They really did announce a new sequel to Yoshi’s Island. The original version dropped in 1995 with a DS sequel in 2006. Like anything, die hard fans begged for another and as usual, Nintendo delivered. Mostly footage of Yoshi doing his trademark moves were shown along with the baby Mario on his back. This was a teaser and more info will be shown at E3. Gotta save some things for that presentation, right?

Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move
With the success of eShop games on the 3DS, Nintendo continues to release quality content. This new title is a take on the classic puzzle  game formula. The top screen will show you your map while the bottom will show you a puzzle slider where you must guide Mario to his exit. It almost reminded me of the Bioshock hacking sequences since he is moving while you try and figure this puzzle out. The game launches with 180 different maps over four worlds plus the ability for users to create and upload their own. This one hits the store May 9th. 

Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins
With the success of Lego City Undercover hitting the Wii U, it only seemed fit for Nintendo to bring it to their portable system. I mean, the game is essentially LEGO Grand Theft Auto so I don’t see how it could’ve failed. While the game will take place in the same Lego City, the portable title is a prequel about how Chase got his start as an undercover cop. This one was just released, so go get your portable Lego on. 
Animal Crossing: A New Leaf
Arguably one of the busiest booths we saw at PAX was for the new Animal Crossing title. While not much was said about the game itself , (It’s Animal Crossing. You’re going to buy it.) the rumored release date of June 9th was confirmed and a new 3DS XL bundle that will come with the game was announced. It looks a little…not for me? But hey, pretty sweet.
Bravely Default (via Square Enix)
The massively popular and successful RPG that has been out in Japan for some time will finally hit North American 3DS’ in early 2014. The game which is a spirtual successor to one of the Final Fantasy games has interesting combat, great art direction, and multiple endings. The game was developed by Silicon Studios, makers of the hit 3D Dot Game Heroes
Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy
Concluding what is the second trilogy of the series, this game will feature more than 500 new puzzles and as usual, a great storyline involving proper gentlemen. Pick it up in 2014. 
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2 (Working Title)
Finally, my boy Reggie came out to show us something INSANE as usual. This time, it was a direct sequel to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Considering that came out in 1992 when I was one year old, you could say it’s about time. Influencing the 2D style of the past and incorporating the new standard 3D while making use of the system, it looks pretty awesome. While it’s a top-down style camera in a 3D world, Link can actually become a drawing on walls, changing the perspective and allowing you to see things you can’t see from the top down. After Reggie finished blowing our minds he announced we will be able to play this by the end of 2013. A 3D teaser video is available right now on the eShop. 

Well there you have it. I just feel like Nintendo can do no wrong. Every time someone counts them out, they seem to go, “nope” and end up announcing an absolute monster collection of titles. Between the February direct and this, I don’t think the question should be, “What’s left for E3?” but more “Oh my god, can you imagine what they’ll announce at E3?”

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