Online Play For Wii And DS Stops in May

Nintendo has just announced that Nintendo Wi-Fi connection for both the Nintendo Wii and original DS handheld will be ending on May 20th which spells the end of online gaming for both systems. This leaves a little less than three months for you to play all your favorite wii and DS titles online which include basic multiplayer functionality, leaderboards, or sharing any in-game content. This means you better boot up guitar hero and get the highest scores possible before it all goes down.

Something that should be noted; while the DS and Wii will lose their multiplayer functionality, they won’t be losing online capabilities. Meaning you will still be able to access the Wii U shop, the DSi shop, the browser, and other services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. To see a list of affected titles just click here. Game functionality that does not require an Internet connection will remain unchanged. Nintendo has specifically said that only the DS and Wii will be the only systems affected, so you can continue to use Wii U and 3DS games.

A message on the official Nintendo Site:

“We at Nintendo sincerely thank our fans for their continued support of our company’s legacy systems. Your enthusiasm for games made for these systems speaks to their longevity, and the passion of Nintendo fans.”

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