PAX East 2013: Gearbox panel

This is going to be in the style of a live blog:

New level cap has now been raised to 61. There is also a new tier of gear that starts at level 51 and goes until 61.

The new vault hunter is named “Kreig”,  also known as “the psycho”

Kreig has some of the abilities that you’ve seen Psycho’s use before.

Here’s the unveil video

Skills: buzz axe rampage

Melee- smash with axe
Ranged- throw axe
Kill to stay alive. You get full health when you kill an enemy.

Some live gameplay of Kreig using his buzz axe to smash and hit enemies from near and far. Showed a room that had all weapons and upgrades

Here’s that video

Played a montage of kreig’s skills.

They gave away some loot chests that came with borderlands 2. A new one is being made and will be sold separately.
$99.99 is the price and only 5000 will be made. Coming in may


Some Aliens: Colonial Marines news
They aim to support it with DLC and other fixes.

There were shift codes distributed on a wrapper for a piece of chocolate and here they are.



PlayStation 3: 5JKBJ-H5WCF-KWST6-K6BJB-FZ9BJ


People who came to the panel get Kreig for free. It’s $10 for everyone else.

Ultimate vault hunters pack comes April 2nd and Kreig comes in may.

A fourth campaign DLC is coming! It’s the biggest yet but it’s coming June 2013 and included in the season pass.

 A skit video of borderlands 2

And one final thing…

Here’s a Gallery of all of the images.

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