PAX East 2013: The Seed


During a stroll down the aisles of the indie game showcase at PAX East this weekend, we stumbled upon a booth that certainly caught our attention. Though the booth itself wasn’t all that decorated, the game’s interesting art style was enough to catch our eyes. They called themselves Little Bit Games and they were showing off their newly released game for the iOS, The Seed.


The Seed is a physics based puzzle game with an interesting goal… To get your seed into a tiny puddle and get it to remain in the water long enough for it to fully grow. The goal sounds rather simple, however actually getting the seed where it needs to go can be more of a challenge than it seems and getting your seed to remain in the puddle is another story entirely. Though the begining levels are stupidly easy, they quickly turn into an enticing display of challenging levels with much more complex solutions and puzzles. To direct the seed, you must use a preset amount of water droplets which will move the seed in any direction you set the droplet to take it. This, and a few other suprising obsticles will will make the seed’s journey more difficult as the game progresses.

Though the highlight of the game was it’s challenging and creative level design, the art design and the slightly haunting soundtrack are surely something to make note of. The music is downright catchy. It’s most certainly something one might find themselves humming along to the melodies both while playing, and long after the you exit the game.

Overall, The Seed is a challenging experience and promises to test the player’s resolve down to the very last puzzle. The Seed in now available on the iTunes app store and is only 99 cents for a limited time.

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