PAX East 2015: HyperX

Every year we attend PAX East I make sure to make a stop at the HyperX booth, not only because they have some great things to see including professional gamers and high profile Twitch streamers, but because they’ve got some really great gear. In years past they’ve shown off some great stuff from their high capacity usb drives as well as DDR3 ram sets like the Fury, Savage, and Predator, and even last year with the newly rebranded SSD’s. Well HyperX is at it again with some great new products and some refreshers of older products.

First things first, HyperX has a great headset that they’ve been showing off all weekend at PAX East 2015 and if you haven’t had a chance to read our review for it, go and check it out. It is by far the best gaming headset for $99 Period. This was one of the main things that HyperX has been trying to show off to all of the show floor attendees. This headset is extremely comfortable and provides some of the best sound of any gaming headset made. It has slick looks that don’t scream “THIS IS A GAMING HEADSET” it sort of whispers it while acting as if it’s just a normal pair of great headphones. With detachable microphone, and new USB interface that gives these headphones a hardware 7.1 feature this is definitely one to look out for.

 The next item that HyperX has been trying to show off is their brand new mouse pad based on the Fury brand that they’ve established with their RAM and SSD’s. These new mousepads are the first HyperX mousepads that are soft fabric as opposed to the HyperX Skyn which is a stick on type mouse pad that is paper thin. The cool thing about the new HyperX Fury mouse pads is that they come in a few sizes. a small, medium, large, and Extra Large. Now the sizing on each of these from smallest to largest is 11×9, 14×11, 20×16, and 35×16. The last one may throw you off because this one is made to be underneath both your keyboard and your mouse. It’s a great counter to the noise that you make when you’re smashing on your mechanical keyboards. These mousepads are roughly 3-4mm thick and range in price from $15 to $35.


And finally, DDR4. HyperX is offering some Fury DDR4 dimms that come in around $100 per 8 gig kit which is a great price. With speeds ranging from 2133MHz, to 2400MHz, to 2666MHz and CAS latency of CL14 for the 2133MHz and 2400MHz options and CL15 for the bigger kit sizes of 2400MHz and all kits of the 2666MHz.

Now for more of the enthusiast level people, I also was able to see a new m.2 SSD which has a brand new controller inside and housed in a special bracket. This m.2 style SSD will should have some great read and write speeds. Not much is out about this so keep your eyes peeled for more information soon!

The aim for HyperX here is to allow customers to purchase a full set of products with the same name. So you can pickup RAM (either DDR3 or DDR4, an SSD, and now mousepads branded under the Fury name. It makes things a bit simpler for those who know they need this gear to perform at their best but aren’t complete experts with computers; although those who do know about computers will see the value in all their offerings. But for all the enthusiasts out there, HyperX has not forgotten about you, just be on the watch for some announcements in the coming months!

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