PAX East 2015 – Magnetic: Cage Closed

It always amazes me the amount of quality video games coming from indie developers nowadays. And the following is certainly no exception to the rule. Magnetic: Cage Closed instantly grabbed my attention as I was browsing what the Indie games section at PAX East had to offer this year. My first thought was that at a distance, that it looked and played a bit like Portal. But after getting to play around with it a bit, I found it to be much, much more than that.


Magnetic is a first person puzzle game by Guru Games. You play as a death row inmate during the Cold War who has been given an opportunity to be pardoned from all of their past crimes if they agree to become part of a weapons testing program… And survive. Armed with only your wits and a gun which can control metal objects, you must make your way through a series of puzzles and other various tests to accomplish your mission. It won’t be so simple, however, as there are traps and faceless enemies who wish to halt your progress at every turn.


Your magnet(how do they work?) gun is capable of more than just luring metal items towards you. Items can also be thrown across the room to push switches which open doors. Not only that, but you can push and pull yourself away from or towards certain objects. Magnetic is a very physics based puzzle game and is not afraid to show it.

It’s worth noting that Magnetic is NOT a linear puzzle title. Throughout the game, the player will be given certain choices that will affect how the story will progress. Some choices are easy. Others, however, may not be so easy. Depending on which choice you make, Magnetic will also give the player unique puzzles that are only available when you make a specific choice. So not only will every choice you make affect the story, but it will also affect which puzzles you’ll be able to play. That adds a certain level of replayablity not often offered to players by many puzzle games. So with all these alternate puzzles and storylines, there must multiple game endings? The short answer is yes. Magnetic’s story has much in common with Portal, while still keeping itself unique and interesting. If you enjoyed Portal, then chances are, you’ll find yourself really invested in Magnetic. Cage Closed seemed darker, both story-wise as well as visually.


After talking with the folks running the booth, we also learned that there’s suppose to be a few characters you can play with, which will also have their own unique stories. All of this is packed into a single game. That’s value at your fingertips. Magnetic: Cage Closed is expected to be released later this month on PC and then on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the near future. I’d keep my eyes on this title, folks. It’s going to be a good one.

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