Pax East 2015: Never Have I Ever Card Game

It’s not too often that we here at New England Gamer write about games that aren’t played on a PC or console. How often you ask? Never. The answer is never. But today, that all changes. Today, straight off of the PAX show floor, we bring you an article about a card game.


The game is Never Have I Ever. Yes, like the drinking game, and with all the hilarity and shame included. And if you’ve ever played and had a hard time thinking of clever things to make your friends admit to, this is the game for you. The game starts with each player drawing ten cards from the blue pile. These cards consist of things that you may or may not have done, such as: “Used a sandwich baggie as a condom” or “Hit on someone I knew was in a relationship.” Once everyone has their hand, one player flips over a red card which has a special set of instructions that could be everyone passing a blue card to the person on their left, or everyone passing a blue card to the person who flipped the red card. Everyone then goes around either admitting to the things they’ve done or denying them. If the blue card someone else gave you is something you’ve done, you keep it in front of you for the remainder of the game, sort of as a badge of shame. The first player to get ten “badges” wins the game, or loses. It really depends on how you want to look at it.


The beauty of this game is that even without a drink in your hand, this game will have you in stitches. But don’t think that doesn’t mean you can’t drink during the game, hell, if you don’t use this as a drinking game there’s a fair chance you already have brain damage.

Another thing that makes this game so great is the stories that come with it. If you thought you knew your friends before, just wait until you hear the story of why they’re taking “Going on a date with someone and leaving with someone else” as a badge of shame. Even if you’re at a party and met a couple new people, this is a great game to have on hand, because quite frankly, I can’t think of too many better ways to get to know someone for the first time.

If you would like to check the game out for yourself, you can find and buy it at

About The Author: Nate