Pax East 2015: SkreensTV

SkreensTV might not be a household name quite yet, but if CEO Marc Todd has anything to say about it SkreensTV will be making its way to your television very soon.

So you might be wondering exactly what Skreens TV is, well it’s essentially a way to bring back that picture in picture mode to your television, but instead of being stuck to just television channels you can bring up to four separate inputs and display them on your television all at the same time. While the Kickstarter choices are a two hdmi input model and four hdmi input model, we were shown a prototype that featured six hdmi inputs which may come in the future and their website shows a five HDMI model that may come sometime later.

Sounds cool right? Well, it’s about to get much more interesting. According to Marc this device which is coming to Kickstarter in a few weeks will support either two or four HDMI inputs (depending on the model you want) and will be able to display those inputs in full resolution to your television with as little as a 32ms delay. We had a great demo at PAX East 2015, where I was shown a few different scenes that showed the varying setups that were available. One of my favorite setups was a fantasy football scene that featured one box that showed a live NFL game, the second showing the fantasy football league, and the third showing a game of Madden. This hardware was able to route a console, set top box, and PC into one physical television screen while showing all three images at once. This setup is able to be modified by almost any device including iOS, Android, and Windows without any additional software.


I was able to change the sizing of each input and place them in whatever location I wanted using an iPad and during this time I experienced absolutely no issues. This idea is most similar to a picture in picture mode or even a custom scene in Xsplit but this time it’s the hardware doing all the heavy lifting instead of your PC. SkreensTV is great for sports fans, gamers, and even families. Just imagine watching multiple games during March Madness, or playing games while watching simultaneously viewing a walkthrough guide, or even seeing the weather while watching your favorite morning programs before you head out of the door.

The SkreensTV features up to four HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, an AC adapter, and Wireless capabilities. On the prototype it did feature an ethernet port, but I have been told they aren’t keeping this for the final version.

You just connect your favorite devices up to the SkreensTV and navigate to the homepage on your phone, tablet, or computer and start setting up your scenes where you can add custom backgrounds, adjust the size of each window and tailor it to your liking.

From a gaming perspective, this instantly reminded me of Xsplit, where you could manage the things your viewers could see when live streaming. This looks like a simple hardware option that doesn’t require such a beefy computer.

SkreensTV is also open to developers who want to create HTML5 layouts that can say, figure out what fighting game character you have chosen and instantly put the move list directly above your gaming input. Or add some sort of guide for a character in an RPG. The great thing about this is that the product is so new that developers can have a real impact on what users will be seeing. So get to developing!

You can check their Kickstarter when it launches sometime very soon. For more information check out the official website:



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