Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Hands On Impressions

Being the self titled shooter correspondent for our fine little website, I’ve always been die hard loyal to any Tom Clancy game. I like teamwork and tactics and I think they are just as important in shooters as any MMORPG out there.  That being said, you can imagine how I felt to finally get some hands on time with Ghost Recon Future Soldier, pretty much the first big shooter to come out of the Tom Clancy series since Rainbow Six Vegas 2

We were sat down and given these really sweet custom Ghost Recon products by Mad Catz to use. Between their sweet headset they’ll be rolling out and the awesome controller that felt really good in my shooter obsessed hands, I was ready to do this. We played a round of Guerilla Mode with one of the Ubisoft crew. Guerilla Mode is essentially the horde mode of the game. It goes up to level 50 and I believe we jumped in around level 26 or so. One of the things I really enjoyed was it’s almost like a tower defense style. By this I mean that the enemies are trying to take over the headquarters you start out in. This provides the need to work together efficiently to continue instead of everybody taking off to find a good position. Naturally the enemies are bringing all kinds of weapons from RPGs to shields and so much more as the levels go up.

On this particular level we were given the ability to start with active camouflage, making us 100% invisible. It’s kind of scary at how quickly you turn invisible. We used this to sneak up behind some enemies and silence them before the guns started blazing. For the most part we hung around the HQ as enemies hit us from all sides. The cover system is one of the better I have seen in shooters, using a cool method to show exactly where you will go if you switch cover.  You’ll just sprint there if you so choose, allowing for an experience that doesn’t take you out of it by showing your guy sprinting against a wall as you try and take cover. The sound design was really, really good and kept us all on our edge as we tried to complete our mission. We played probably about four rounds because we were doing really well. Apparently there’s even boss waves.

After a while we realized the different ways to track our enemies. One of the ways is to mark them, which is similar to Battlefield 3′s “spot” button. The only difference here being that you can see them through objects for the most part. There’s also UAVs you can roll out and use yourself to mark a large number of enemies at once in later waves. Between waves you can swap out your loadout and choose different weapons. I opted for the recon grenade, one of the coolest things I came across in the demo. Basically you chuck the recon grenade and all enemies within a certain radius of it will be revealed. Using teamwork, there’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to cover almost an entire scenario with those. Probably one or two times somebody on our team went down. It was here that teamwork really kicked into high gear as one had to suppress while the other revived the teammate. It was intense the entire time and I loved every second of it. Eventually, (since we’re a boss squad) we plowed through the few waves in no time. Using teamwork and keeping a tight perimeter definitely won us our matches. Even then we had a few close calls with losing the HQ, which means this won’t be a walk in the park. Overall, May 22nd cannot come soon enough.


We have beta keys to give away! To make sure you get entered to win one, drop a comment below with your Twitter handle and what system you’d like to win it for (Xbox 360/PS3) and then follow our Twitter @NewEnglandGamer. Boom, that’s it! Codes will be sent out later today and tomorrow. Don’t worry, the beta is until May 1st. See you on the fields. Use teamwork. Below is a video of what to expect in the beta.

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