Plantronics Gamecom 380 PC Headset Review

Hey there all you jerks, it’s me again, here to tell you all about the Plantronics Gamecom 380 PC Headset (If you couldn’t tell that by the title of the page you just clicked on.) I’m not gonna bore you with any of the super technical hardware info, the thing has 40mm speakers in there, and there’s a microphone attached, and it’s pretty much a standard headset. No surprises. If you’re the type of person who really CARES about that kind of stuff, this $40 headset probably isn’t for you. In any case, I’ll drop a link here to the Plantronics website so you can check it yourself.


Now, I’m going to tell you what I think about this thing. The first thing that I thought upon recieving the package was “Damn, this is some great packaging. It’s gonna be easy to open and everything!” This was incorrect. The headset came encased in one of the most stubborn cocoons of plastic I have ever had the misfortune to wrestle with. The case seemed like a clamshell that would just crack open, but for some reason, that shit was glued shut. A few minutes with my trusty multi-tool had it open though. Not really a big deal, just a minor inconvenience, much like any other consumer electronic you’ll find these days.

Upon opening the plastic, I was greeted by an incredibly well-built piece of hardware. The headset is solid. The build quality on this thing is impeccable. The cord is never going to come off, all the connections are strong, the plastic is tough, the mic boom and swivel are sturdy, everything about this headset screams quality at first glance. Considering the price point here, this is quite the feat. I’ve bought headsets for far more money than this thing that have fallen apart almost instantly, like they were made out of some sort of powder or something. Suffice it to say, the Gamecom 380 will withstand whatever typical use you want to put it through. This does not mean that you can go around throwing it like a little baby when I smoke you in League of Legends, because that shit’s probably gonna break. But if you treat it decently, this headset seems like it will be able to stand the test of time and provide you with auditory pleasure for years to come.

Upon donning the beast, I found it to be far more comfortable than I was expecting. The soft ear-cups are plenty large enough to cover all but the most gargantuan ears, and they just plain feel good to wear. After the first minute or so, you can easily forget you’re wearing a headset at all. I feel the need to stress the point that this headset costs around FORTY DOLLARS (MSRP $49.99 but go look on amazon you jerk.) Again, I’m sure many of you out there have been disappointed by things that have cost you far more. Forty clams and you could own this headset. I may sound repetitive, but I think it’s important to make that clear.

As far as sound quality goes, I have absolutely no complaints. I am not the biggest audiophile out there, I use an onboard sound card, and I don’t particularly feel any need for improvement. Even so, the sound is pretty great by my standards. It may not be up to par for those of you who absolutely must hear everything like it’s happening right in front of you, but like I mentioned earlier, you probably aren’t in the market for a $40 headset, so carry on. For the budget-minded consumer, however, this headset provides all the sound quality you could ever need and then some. The noise-cancelling mic on it works pretty well also. I played some games with some folks, none of them had any complaints, recorded myself saying some garbage, sounds pretty awesome. I’m not going to post that here, because I don’t want to. Deal with it. Anyhoo, the sound input and output of this headset is great.


In summation, I have absolutely no complaints about this headset, especially for the price. Hell, it even looks pretty boss. If nothing else, it LOOKS like an expensive headset. If you’re in the market for a headset, this baby won’t break the bank, and it absolutely won’t let you down. Big props to Plantronics for providing such a great value in such a terrific package. Seriously. FORTY DOLLARS. Less than a tank of gas. Buy this headset. You won’t regret it.

Quality: Great

Sound: Great

Comfort: Great

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